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What are some of the best or strongest DHT blockers/inhibitors?

Asked by partyrock (3870points) December 9th, 2012

Has anyone here used DHT blockers before? Have you gotten results? What is the best or strongest DHT blocker that works?

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@partyrock, you might want to explain what DHT blockers do. I had no idea and had to look up what this meant. I have no experience with them.

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DHT Blockers have something to do with male pattern baldness.

Since I have more hair than I care to have already I have no experience with them.

I would suggest adding a brief explaination or at bare minimu a link to what DHT Blockers are. I put it in my answer for those also curious about what it is as @Bellatrix also suggested.

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How interesting! So when you have excess DHT and lots of testosterone, it creates baldness. Which is why they say baldness is associated with extra testosterone. Since testosterone is also associated with the ability get attain and maintain erections, I guess that’s why they say bald guys are better lovers.

I think that helps explain why people are interested in DHT blockers. They like hair on their men, as well as ability to perform.

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