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Do you have any experience ordering prescription eyewear online?

Asked by NuclearWessels (1188points) December 10th, 2012

I’ve been in need of a new pair of eye glasses for awhile, and only recently became aware of online retailers that provide prescription eyewear. The have significantly lower prices compared to my local optician, but I remain unsure if making my next pair of eyeglasses an online purchase is a good idea. Anyone have any experience in this area?

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Yes. I have gotten a couple of pairs through Zenni – not the cheapest, but good selection and fast

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My uncle and cousin both buy their eyeglasses from Zenni as well. I plan on trying them out, as well as Goggles4u.

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A friend of mine buys hers online, and has been very pleased. Not sure what site she uses.

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I’ve used Zenni and Coastal. I would be wary. My glasses have reflections and so I see everything double. It is pretty bad. I need to send them back, I think. I have weird eyes, with astigmatism and high numbers for the other elements. There may be a problem with my pupular distance and location, too. You don’t have an optician measuring these things for you when you buy online.

On the other hand, my glasses in real life cost over $600. In virtual life, they cost one quarter that amount. So maybe it’s worth it. Hard to say. I really would like to see better though. I’m fine up close and mid distance. But not good long distance.

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I ordered glasses thru Zenni. They were cheap, but they didn’t feel quite right for me once I got them. Perhaps they weren’t the right size for my face and head, and maybe my guess at “focal point” was off. But the biggest drawback is not being able to try on the frames first before ordering.

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I tried zenni as well. I had my eye doc fill out a note that included my pupilary distance also measured my face and read sizing charts. I also stopped at eyeglass places and checked out product finding colors and styles I liked.

I paid around 110 for them my insurance only covered 63 dollars after I mailed in the reimbursement form. I found that odd because they would have paid more had I bought them instore. But then so would I got all the extras except polarization and I have astigmatism.

If you don’t like them you can’t send them back though unless they are not up to specs. Or maybe you can if you do it in ten days but don’t get a full refund I can’t remember. Also I took them to my optician and had them check the lenses to see if they were the correct prescription. They were.

I am currently waiting for glasses from My friend recommended them because they seem to be a bit cheaper and have sort of a rewards program. They also had the option of colored lenses which I thought cute and might do for a secondary pair. I paid around 60 dollars for them but didn’t get the sunglass tint where they self adjust.

Edit: I was happy with my experience with zenni and if I don’t like the result with eyebuydirect I will go back. I will not go back to buying my glasses locally.

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