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Do I have ADHD?

Asked by RockerChick14 (951points) December 10th, 2012 from iPhone

When I’m at school i can’t stay still so I move my feet and I’m always doing something with my hands. I look around the room a lot to see what’s going on and i daydream a lot. I easily get distracted and its hard for me to pay attention to something that’s slow or not interesting. I get easily bored just sitting down. I feel restless. At home I just dance or walk around the home because I feel restless and its hard for me to focus on one thing or do one thing at a time. I get distracted by noises and sounds.

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Perhaps, but…often this can also be a trait of giftedness.
Very bright people are often hyperactive mentally and physically and have short attention spans, especially when they are not challenged enough with material that keeps their interest. Certain personality types are prone to to traits of ADD and/or ADHD. Perceiving types are often seen as hyperactive and scattered.

Fast brains tend to power fast bodies as well and a generalized restlessness is often part of very bright and cerebral types.
You need a professional evaluation.

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When I was a kid in school, only guys had ADHD, and were medicated.
Girls who acted the way you describe were put in advanced classes.
I assume it is still about the same thing these days.
So it sort of depends I guess on if you are a girl or guy.
Since your name has chick in it, I assume you are a girl.
I would sign up for AP history or something.

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Only a qualified medical practitioner can determine that with testing. It sounds as if you should be tested.

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It’s not ADHD. It’s called you’re not interested in the subject and aren’t aware of the fact that your grade will suffer from your self diagnosing. What’s wrong is your are not paying attention and not trying to actively listen or want to know what the teacher is talking about. I would know, I used to be like you in high school. It was never me, it was always something else’s fault for me not being able to focus.

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Contrary to what @_Whitetigress says, sometimes it is not you. It is ADHD. You can’t be diagnosed over the internet. You should not pay any attention to anyone who says you do or don’t have it. You have to get a diagnosis from a psychiatrist. Your parents need to take you.

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@wundayatta Agreed, and to reiterate, often above average and gifted kids/people get pegged with an ADD/ADHD label when, in reality, they are so UNDER-stimulated that their energy HAS to leak out SOMEWHERE.
Enter disruptive behaviors, talking “too” much, fidgeting, restlessness, inability to concentrate.
Well…who the hell can concentrate on inferior material and inferior presentation? haha

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@wundayatta You’re right we can’t know for sure if it’s ADHD or not, nor should this user take any of our answers too literal.

@RockerChick14 I often read WEBMD here’s what they have to offer

I can tell you first hand I feel like I qualify for nearly everything listed. But when the time comes that your parents cut you off financially and the bills start to come in, you will realize ADHD is all in the mind, and you better have turned things around and become goal oriented. The main “problem” with ADHD is that it is looked down upon socially but really I don’t find it’s a disorder I find that a person is not into what they are doing. However, our school system is currently built in a way where we have to do certain subjects in levels. My advice is, think about your favorite subject, and think of how all the other subjects might relate to it. This way you will tie everything to your obsession and perhaps go down that career field. It will be tough, but it’s how our society is structured at the moment.

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it’s sounds like it, but you have all the “symptoms” that i had when i was in school and i got diagnosed with ADHD…
but talk to you doctor because if you have it you can get somthing called ritalin and then you day would be so much better because then you can focus :):)

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