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Have you been in a physical fight?

Asked by burntbonez (5197points) December 10th, 2012

How did you get into it? Did you get hurt? What was the result of the fight?

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Sort of.

It would be more accurate to say that I recognized when someone needed to be punched in the face, and did so before they could punch me first, and effectively enough that they felt no need to punch me back.

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A girlfriend and I got into a fist fight on the playground in fifth grade. We were both in tears when we were pulled apart. We got scolded, but that was it. That’s all I remember. I’ve no idea what it was about. I never had another opportunity to mix it up.

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Yes just last Friday night. Some drunk thought it would be funny to steal my hat off my head. He won’t ever make that mistake again.

That hat is the last thing my dad gave me before alzhiemer’s took him away from me. I will kill for that hat.

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Not an all out brawl, but once when I was younger at a night club a woman stole my chair and refused to give it up. I am a pretty assertive female and I don’t look threatening at all being 5’3 and petite.
Well…she picked on the wrong girl to bully and when she refused to take leave of the chair I reached up and grabbed her by the shirt and tossed her out of the chair. haha
She backed off pretty quickly. I may be little but I am a mighty mite and was very strong at the time, being in excellent shape.

I would have had no fear kicking her ass if needed.

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Not since I was in 7th grade.

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^^ Same here. Not since middle school, but I did a fair amount of fighting before then. Usually with boys, and I usually came out on top. I stopped when the boys started outgrowing me and one of them kicked my ass.

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We just had this question. When I was 12 a girl hit me in the face and broke my glasses because she said I was flirting with her boyfriend, who I didn’t even know.

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No. I am a bookish Brahmin and we’re not supposed to do that…
Also, I didn’t have enough testosterone in me growing up to want to fight people. (I didn’t get angry; I went straight to depression.) I do now, though, but I’m too old to get away with it.

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Jr. High school skirmish. I was totally inept at fighting, and the fight itself was mostly “show” anyway. The resulting crowd around us was totally psyched over excitement in the hallway.

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Not with anyone other than my siblings.

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I’m with @DominicX. My siblings could be a raucous bunch now and then. The need to defend yourself was necessary.

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