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Is our Universe part of a Multiverse?

Asked by philosopher (9145points) December 10th, 2012

It makes sense to me. There are many different theories about other Universes. Which one is correct?
I find this fascinating.
If you would like to read about it see link.

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Mine is.

Is yours?

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I enjoy reading about this. Do you?

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It will give me somewhere to move to, maybe next year. And avoid the winter.

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My guess is not.

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It is in Social and I can DREAM.

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I LOVE theories like this! I believe anything is possible, for as much as we think we know, we really know nothing.

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They have learned much but there is still much more to learn.

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Wow…I so love the graphics too. I wonder, maybe, right now, Colomas’ nemesis in a parallel universe is feeding the geese and doing the nightly farmy chores. lol
Jesus…I can’t wait to die and see what lies beyond. lol

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So @philosopher what might happen if we die, would our twins in the multi-verse die too, at the same time?

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According to the theories I read they could be different from us, similar or share some interest. Perhaps they have the same choices we do but make different decisions. Which would provide different opportunities.
Some could be dead, healthy or not healthy. Some could have moved far from where we were born.
I read Dr. Kaku’s books. I also read and a few other writers interpretations.
I have a vivid imagination.

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@philosopher So freaking fascinating huh? I’ll check out that link. Fun stuff!
Well…imagination is what spurs innovative theory right? :-)

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So maybe my hot little 20 year old self is still tip toeing through the tulips somewhere out there. lol

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The universe is. It is the aggregate of everything that exists. Multiverse is redundant.

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Holy shit. Cool article. I hope so!

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Aladdin sung a song about this, it had a catchy-verse….....okay, it was crap, but so was my answer!

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I enjoy reading about this. I love Science.
I am glad you do too.
Sharing is fun for me.
Happy Holidays to you and everyone.

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@philosopher right back at ya :D

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@philosopher I’ve actually read a significant amount of material about mtheories, mainly by Kaku and David Deutsch. Personally I’m more on the Copenhagen Interpretation side, though I’m not claiming this proves consciousness created or manipulated matter/energy. Mtheories have evolved from the Many Worlds hypothesis, mainly because of reductionist materialists, to get around the Copenhagen Interpretation.

The Many Worlds hypothesis came as a result of light slit experiments showing that light, and matter have wave and particle characteristics. One problem that exists with mtheories is that none of these alternative universes could ever communicate with each other since this would be a paradox. I’m open to the possibility that there are other dimensions (not literally universes) besides our own, but not in the way mtheories state.

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