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Albacore versus 'regular' tuna?

Asked by elbanditoroso (22416points) December 10th, 2012

Albacore tuna costs a little more than the regular stuff. I guess is tastes a little better, to.

Is it healthier? Better caught? WHat’s the difference?

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Here’s the taxonomy.

All tuna now has mercury in it.

There is also the issue of wild (ok but endangered now) and farm-raised (disgusting, inhumane and inedible). I’m too rushed to google for you.

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Albacore tuna has much more protein in it. I don’t buy it because I don’t think it’s worth the price change but I have before and it does seem to have a better taste to me as well. Overall, you simply get what you pay for.

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^^^Tuna is tuna; same amount of protein in albacore as in yellowfin, bluefin or skipjack.

“Unlike ordinary tunas, albacore also contains more omega 3 fatty acids.”

“Albacore has a non metallic and a non-fishy taste compared to regular tuna. It is said to have the lightest flesh, not to mention, the mildest tuna flavor around.

Albacore is priced higher than regular tuna

Albacore has more fats and calories than regular tuna.

According to a recent FDA report, in moderation, albacore has lower mercury levels than other tuna products.

Albacore is a specific type of tuna while tuna is a more general term that has many subtypes like bluefin and yellowfin among others.”


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@gailcalled – thanks for the summary. It sounds like the better taste makes it worth the exta money.

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@gailcalled I buy tuna and eat it regularly because it is a good protein source. I always look at the labels of various tuna brands to see which one has the highest level of protein (Oddly enough, they differ between brands, too. Bumblebee vs. StarKist vs. etc. are not the same) I’m thinking that it is because there’s more than just tuna in the can, but can’t be sure. Going beyond what’s simply on the internet, the source I have is my own personal experience of looking on shelves.
Since I’m being opposed, I went and compared the cans myself:
Bumble Bee:
Chicken of the Sea:

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