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What is your experience with addiction of any sort?

Asked by deni (22607points) December 10th, 2012

AKA what have you ever been addicted to?

I have never been addicted to anything aside from caffeine in coffee form, and this is just as of the past few years. I drink it daily but hate the feeling/headache I get when I don’t. I can’t imagine how someone could subject themselves to an even worse withdrawal. I have only ever done drugs that were non-addictive, though some people say you can get addicted to marijuana, they’re full of shit. The most I believe a person can be addicted to weed is mentally, and while I’ve certainly felt that, it has never been a big enough issue that I even thought twice about it.

I am really interested to hear stories of more serious addictions though, if you care to share them. What does it feel like to need a drug? Any other details of the experience is welcome and encouraged also but I know it’s a touchy subject.

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