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When should I use "convection bake" and when just "bake"?

Asked by sarahsugs (2893points) December 10th, 2012

I have a nice oven with “convection bake,” “bake,” and “convection roast” options. I occasionally use roasting for meat, but I’m never sure when to pick “convection bake” and when to pick “bake” for everything else.

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I use it for baking but always use the “convection convert” to reduce the temperature. Don’t use it much though, others will probably have much better answers.

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I wouldn’t do it with things like cake batter or other more wet type of batters since the moving air can splatter and also prevent it from rising properly. I found baking biscuits that they didn’t rise and were more like hockey puck when done again I think it was the moving air. I do like it when I make oven baked potatoes since it crisps them really nicely.

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Well cooking times are reduced for convection bake. Best suited for shallow dishes and pans.

Deep dishes tend to be done on top and bottom rather then in the middle. The food also tends to have less moisture and a browned or crispier finish.

You will have to experiment with time and temp. Best results are rendered when you slightly reduce temp and time but if you want the guess work and to monitor your food you can usually just reduce temp 25 degrees.

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I’ve had a convection oven for 10 years and I use the convection function for everything. It just cooks better. Plus I bake: cookies, cakes, pies etc. and convection works better then too.

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My convection option automatically reduces the goal temperature to the equivalent of the regular-oven temp the cookbook asks me to achieve. How would I know how much to reduce it? I’m glad I can count on GE.
Btw, I bought this oven in 2007 on the advice of a jelly who was later banned, and I’m glad I did. He gave good advice.

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