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Why is my nose red and why did someone comment on it?

Asked by tinyfaery (40398points) December 10th, 2012 from iPhone

A co-worker commented on my red nose. She also thought I might be “emotional”.

What’s the connection? I’ve never heard of such a thing.

She is Jewish if that means anything. Maybe it’s some type of lore.

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The only thing I know about red noses is they are associated with drunkenness or cold or being sick with a cold and crying. I guess your coworker could have thought you had been crying and that’s why your nose was red. Had there been any drama at work before she made the comment?

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Let’s see… you could be Rudolph, or the guy from the Operation board game. That could explain why your nose is red.

I don’t know what emotion would have to do with a nose turning red, unless you’re one of those people who easily turn red when flustered/angry/emotional. I know some people whose ears or chest turns red when they become emotional, so why not a nose?

Cold weather, allergies, and sickness makes my nose turn red. I’m kinda sportin’ the Bozo look right. Good luck with your nose! :)

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My family is Jewish, and my mom gets a bright red nose that stays for quite a while after she flushes or has a glass of wine. Maybe it’s a cultural thing? Experiment proposal: I will pay attention at to the red-nosed folks at future family gatherings, inquire if they are feeling emotional, and get back to you with notes on whether they are nonplussed or reply with assurance.

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I know my nose gets red if I cry a whole lot, along with my eyes and cheeks. Perhaps she thought you’d be crying, hence emotional. I know a few people who are particularly red in the creases of their nose at all times. Most of them just cover it up with makeup or just live with it.

On a separate note, I can’t stand when people point out obvious things about other people, bringing attention to things that the person is possibly sensitive about. Like, “wow, did you know that you have a huge zit on your forehead?” or “you need to pluck your eyebrows” or “you look like you’re gaining some weight.” No shit. How insensitive can you possibly be? I’ve never felt the need to point out things like that on people – why would I?

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A nose tends to get red if one has been crying. They also tend to get red if one has been drinking or if one has been out in the cold.

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I was a bit pissy today, I admit. Work drama. Hate it.

Maybe having a red nose means people are upset.

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My nose gets red very easily! I have terrible circulation and I attribute it to that. I can be out in the cold for a minute, and my nose is already red. People will point it out. Some people say it’s cute. I still want to punch them all in the face, thereby making their nose red.

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Hard to say, Rudolph.

It could be anything from a rash to being outdoors where your skin thinned a bit, and when you came inside the blood moved back into the skin near your nose.

Basically, pay not attention. Unless you have begun to sprout antlers on the top of your head, in which case you have an entirely different problem.

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I love it when logic works out a good answer! I feel a bit like Sherlock Holmes, actually.

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When I cry, my eyes, cheeks, and nose becomes red, she thought you were crying.

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