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How to make my fans slow down?

Asked by bhec10 (6457points) December 11th, 2012

Basically my 2009 MacBook Pro has got 8GB of RAM and even so, when I’ve just got iTunes, Chrome, Skype and Mail open (and no calls are being made from Skype and nothing heavy is running in Chrome) the fans will be spinning at like 6000rpm which makes a lot of noise and the computer gets really warm.

Usually when all of the above mentioned programs are running I’ve still got between 2.5 to 3.2 GB of RAM free so I don’t know what I can do to make it go quieter other than shutting down programs and going easy on the computer

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My SWAG answer is Skype is running in the background. Make sure you the latest version of Skype. To check, shutdown Skype and see if that reduces the load on your Mac.

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I know this is in general, but reading your question made me think you were a rock star.

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@Tropical_Willie I agree that Skype is heavy on my computer but sometimes I don’t even use it for a while and the fans are still going like crazy…

@Judi Haha that made me laugh! I assume you were disappointed when you found out by reading the details that I wasn’t Bruce Springsteen or Elvis in disguise!

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@bhec10 SHUT IT DOWN, it is a resource hog and make sure you have the latest Skype version. If the app is “On” but you are not using Skype it may still be running a full load on your CPU, it is a known problem with Skype. Use “quit” on your Mac.

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@Tropical_Willie Update, I am now only on Chrome, iTunes and Mail, which has been idle for more than an hour. My fans are running at 6200rpm, and my computer is very warm. Not sure why it’s running so fast.. :/

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@Everyone. I finally found out what it was.

It appears that my HyperDock app (which may not be completely legal) crashes a lot but doesn’t warn me. I have to go to the System Preferences pane and select “Skip this Version” when it asks me if I want to update to the newest version. After this happens HyperDock works fine again and the fans cool down :)

And yes, you were right, Skype makes my fans go faster, but not as fast as this small glitch from this tiny app. Weird.

But anyways, I am happy again, thanks for your help!

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