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What ever happened to the "Trick or Treat for UNICEF" campaign?

Asked by rojo (22066points) December 11th, 2012

Heard on the radio that today is the anniversary of UNICEF. It was started in 1946. It made me remember collecting money for the organization on Halloween but I never hear about it anymore. Anyone have any idea what happened to it? Did it just die out for lack of interest after several years or was it pulled or what?

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I remember it too. I was about in the 2nd grade when the UNICEF people came to our school to talk about it.

I also think that was around the time there was the crazy razor blades in candy scare. I remember hospitals performing x-rays on bags of candy.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the events are related.

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I know that UNICEF lost a lot of support when they started being overtly political in their actions, instead of serving children.

UNICEF accepted Islamic money but not Israeli contributions. They routed donations through an iranian bank, not a European bank, despite Iran sanctions by the rest of the UN.

And then the Catholic Church criticized UNICEF for promoting abortion in Africa.

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Still goes on… link

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@Cupcake thanks for the link! Great to know that it is still active. At least somewhat since I had not heard of anyone doing it for years and never have anyone come by collecting for it. Maybe I can get my grandkids involved next year.

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