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Any recommendations on a good small speaker system for ipods?

Asked by Rarebear (25035points) December 11th, 2012

I do a lot of work in a small office (and by small, I’m talking closet sized). I put music on in the background with the cheap computer speakers that I have, but I’d like something a bit better that doesn’t break the bank. Any ideas?

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There was a time when B&O made music reproduction sources (turntables, cassette decks) that sounded good as well as being aesthetically responsible.

Over time the music quality suffered while the component design remained well above average.

Thanks to MP3’s and the better formats getting the most out of your system is to employ a high quality, accurate amplification and loudspeaker setup, something B&O still does with acceptable results.

Providing the most acoustic punch in limited space (a B&O specialty) is still available.

Many active speaker systems (no need to consider space for a separate amplifier) that either mount cleverly (wall mount) or have a very small footprint are available from Bang & Olufsen.

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@Crashsequence2012 Thanks. $850 is well more than I was interested in spending, but I appreciate the answer.

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Less than half the price of B&O’s is an Orb Audio. Uses headphone output.

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It all depends on your price point and what kind of sound you want.
The size and acoustics of a closet sized office make it tough to impossible for an investment.
Here are a few low to high recommendations.


Bang Olufsen BeoSound 8 or BeoSound9 :)

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Whatever solution you choose I strongly suggest you connect via the multipin connector on the bottom of the device.

I will transfer a purer signal as it does not go through the volume control or Apple’s pathetic excuse of a preset equalizer.

It’s the closest thing to a “line out” common on devices of old.

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Bose SoundDock? OK so you are paying a premium for the name but the sound is actually pretty reasonable and its cheaper than B&O. One concern it the only one I can see on the US store has a new iPhone 5 type connector.

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I have the iBass for ipod and love it! Here ya go

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@zensky $100 bucks. Awesome! So if it walks away I’m not out a fortune. Thanks!

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You’ll love it – I bought it a few years ago when it came out – it still works like a charm. The sound is great – and surprisingly loud. It has the coolest little remote – light, small, thin and, well, sexy – for lack of a better word. You’ll see. It comes with a dozen little attachments to fit any ipod, phone, android, zune or whatever. And if you happen to have something really exotic – you can always use the standard jack in the back. Anything else – like an ipod (I have the classic) will also get charged – bonus!

You’‘ll love it guaranteed.

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Not to sound like a cheap bastard, but the price range of models that have been suggested seem a bit high for a casual listening experience. If you aren’t in a hurry, I just bought this iPod Speaker/Dock for a friend who will be using it in a classroom. If you can wait until after Christmas, I can give you a proper review of it.

The only iPod speaker/dock I have is a high end model that I bought years ago and has since been discontinued. So I haven’t been in the market for one for some time. It’s hard finding mid range models that still produce great sound.

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@Crashsequence2012 This is for my office at work. I work in a busy ICU with the door usually open with people moving in and out. I don’t need anything high brow. Just a nice step up from cheapo computer speakers for those occasional times when I want to close the door and crank it up.

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I have the Skullcandy Pipe. For it’s size, the sound is surprisingly good. I love it.

Plus, it’s also a docking station and will recharge as it plays. You just sit it into the built in connector so you can also view your player to see what’s on.

Also included is a remote control which I generally don’t use since it’s on my bedside table.

It comes in chrome (as well as the usual black) so looks clean and professional.

You can find them in many regular stores which may also have a demo unit set up so you can hear how good the sound is. That’s what made my decision easy. Plus it has a really decent bass so it avoids that tinny sound tyically associated with smaller units.

Nowadays price is around $60 to $90.

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I bought some X-MINI speakers after I tried my friends. For the size and price, its unbelievable sound. They have won several awards for inovation, design, concept, etc. I bought mine on amazon for about $35 and am so happy with it. there have different styles but i bought the x-mini II that looks like one speaker but disconnects (with a magnet) to become two speakers. charge on my computer. portable. They may not be a Bose, but wow, they have big sound. And i majored in Audio Engineering, so I know all about sound!

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Okay, this is what I ended up doing. I finally decided on a “none of the above.” My wife has a small speaker system which isn’t bad, but she stays home and uses it all the time, moving from room to room. I ended up buying her a Bose portable Wave system, and assuming she likes it, I’m going to take her portable speaker system to work with me.

Don’t tell her, though. It’s a surprise. :-)

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Bose is great but pricey.

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@zensky I know. I justified it by buying it for my wife. She uses small speakers all the time.

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Cool. Enjoy.

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