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I want to create a new word pertaining to poetry how could I make it official?

Asked by _Whitetigress (4362points) December 11th, 2012

I want to use the word, “Potit” to describe one liner poetry.

Does one liner poetry already exist?

Here would be the definition

“Potit” is a one lined poem that describes a feeling or a place or a thing.

That’s it! It’s derivative of a “Poem” combined with “Petite”

Thoughts etc?

Here is an example of a “Potit” I made

“Fingers of patina & metal silk”

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You do what you just did. You introduce the word, and then you encourage people to use it. You must market the hell out of your word. Spend millions to get it placed in media everywhere. Pay people to use it. Sponsor contests. If you spend enough, you can buy anything you want, even official recognition for a word. Shoot! I bet that if you wanted it bad enough, you could buy the dictionary of record of your choice, and make them include your word.

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Your example is that of a metaphor and is slightly muddled, I am sorry to say. You can have metal fingers or fingers of silk but not fingers of film or coating. Playing around with figures of speech is fun, however, Keep experimenting.

Poetry, by definition, needs more than one line to do its job.

“a piece of writing that partakes of the nature of both speech and song that is nearly always rhythmical, usually metaphorical, and often exhibits such formal elements as meter, rhyme, and stanzaic structure.”

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Shouldn’t it be “potite”?

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You have to just start using it in published forums like blogs, articles, etc. Then you can see if it catches on.

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I like the idea of one line poems. It is a bit like haiku.
I go along with @livelaughlove21 . It should be called a potite.
As far as getting the term into the language, try putting something on YouTube. You never know what can go viral.

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How is it pronounced? “Po” as in the River? “Tit” like a woman’s breast? ” Or is it pronounced like “teat”?

How long can the one line be? 5 words? 20 words?

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Words don’t have an “official” status in our language; nobody is in charge of approving a word for use or banning unacceptable expressions (unless we get into the legal realm in such matters as obscenity and the postal service).

If a word gets used enough, it’ll end up in some dictionary. Even if it doesn’t, it might gain some currency among subgroups; for example, technical jargon and gamers’ terminology.

I know a man who has in fact invented his own term for a literary genre that he regards as his own original creation. He uses it every chance he gets (and he makes a lot of chances); so far I have never heard anyone else use it except in direct response to him.

I entirely agree with @gailcalled‘s remarks about metaphor and poetry.

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And people say poetry is pretentious…

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@zenvelo “teat” ! I think that sounds better.

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