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What do you think of the class system in America?

Asked by burntbonez (5197points) December 11th, 2012

If you have money, you can buy yourself a doctor’s cell phone number which entitles you to immediate service whenever you want it. You can buy yourself a fast trip through the airport. You can buy your children internships at the best companies. If you’re in prison, you can buy yourself a nicer cell. Hell, you can even buy yourself organs if you need them.

And that doesn’t count the clothes, food, boats, cars, private planes and god knows what else there is to consume. We can purchase not only things now, but privilege.

What do you think? Is there anything that this country should guarantee equally for all, or is this the appropriate way American should be run?

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This is pretty subjective: our class system is better than other places, but that doesn’t mean we don’t need (major, major) improvements.

I meant to ask a question, but never got around to it. I was going to ask if our current political and economic system will ever change (in America). This change will not come over night, but for the moment we will deal with what we have. My opinion is that we will very slowly move towards policy decisions that are better for people as a collective as opposed to the market, or at least that’s what I hope for.

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I think we’re not quite to a class system. Anyone can make whatever they want out of themselves. But the almighty pursuit of the dollar has led to some cases of being able to buy privilige with your pocketbook. I think that’s a dangerous progression. Plus the unregulated PACs are scary. I hope common sense returns.

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I think that some standard level of basic care should be guaranteed, but the rest is luxury and has to be paid for.

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It disturbs me, but I don’t know what can be done about it, other then adding a 90% tax bracket for the rich. Even then, just giving money away to the poor isn’t good. It needs to be spent on improving schools and roads and infrastructure and providing services to help folks out of poverty, while maintaining a work requirement in order to be eligible for the services.

Airports are a public utility. People should not be able to pay to jump the line. I agree with @marinelife that everyone should have a minimum level of health care, but that people should be allowed to pay for better service. I don’t think people should be allowed to purchase a nicer jail cell. But then, I think jails should be nicer, in general. As soon as you have a two tier system in a jail, you’re just asking for corruption. Not that it isn’t already there.

I don’t see how we can deny parents the right to buy their children access to the best jobs. The right education does that already. Education is not a fair system. Money does get you more. Again, we should guarantee a certain basic level of education, but people should be free to purchase more for their kids if they want. I don’t see how that could be changed, nor am I sure it would be desirable to change it.

There is a class system in the US. Some people have more privilege than others. There is privilege for whites and males and that is historic and supported by the culture. A lot of people seem to buy into it; even those disadvantaged by it seem to accept it as a general principle.

If I had a lot more money, I don’t know how I’d spend it. I’d sure want to make sure my kids had all the advantages I could give them. But I come from a long line of educated people. We already have an advantage. I do my best to help others, but I’m never going to voluntarily give up any advantages I have.

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I think we could go much farther if everyone was entitled to education or job training programs.

A person has to almost be an outlier to overcome class and money to get a job that can move them up. They have to find an opportunity and that can be difficult even if you have a set course you have decided on.

Say an employer needs or has a shortage of a certain position or foresee people retiring. They could advertise for apprenticeships or college training. I realize this is already done to an extent but I think it’s a good idea and could be expanded on.

They have head hunters for modeling, and sports. If there was more interaction between employers and highschool students I think a lot of potential road blocks could be overcome.

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@Adirondackwannabe I agree with you on the PACs. I would even go farther and say there should be caps on campaigns.

They are getting oh so ridiculous in price and I see this as a huge waste.

Not only that but it only appears you are supporting the person you believe in but in fact overtly buying loyalty/influence to a cause or corporation.

If politicians are to be trusted with our tax dollars and balancing budgets they should be able to prove creative resourceful and capable of not throwing around money.

Instead of donating money why not have towns and cities host politicians. Pay their airfare and hotel.

The last idea just occured to me and I am already seeing flaws in it. But I still want to leave it in case it is worth triggering other ideas.

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Try being from the uk . accents. matter. In America, that shite don’t matter.

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Don’t be stupid, we all know America & class simply don’t go together…...really.

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I agree with @marinelife, everyone should at least be entitled to basic rights. I do think though that it’s unfair for those who have more to be able to escape certain punishments because they have more money. Penalties should apply to everyone and should definitley not be down-graded simply because someone has more money.

If I were rich, however, I would be completely content with the way things are ;)

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