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Did Yahoo! Mail just change overnight - without warning?

Asked by zensky (13357points) December 11th, 2012
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My app changed, but not the web based – yet O.o

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It looks like Gmail – which I have and don’t use much.

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My yahoo mail desk top changed to a different color but operates the same.

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They announced today (in the SF Bay Area) they were getting rid of a lot of the clutter and make it more easy to use.

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Here’s the splash on it. They’re trying to keep up with Gmail, which has been gaining share.

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Seems to have, indeed. I sort of vaguely noticed it, because I’m pretty brain dead. If it has new features, haven’t noticed/found them yet. But as they say in Dreamcatcher, SSDD.

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no it’s always been slow, sputtery and crazy.

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Wow! I had not noticed. I will have to look.

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Yeah,the Interface changes a lot , I am a little unfamiliar with that,why change?Confused.

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Yes, it did. As mentioned, it looks like Gmail. And, it is still slow.

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Yes, it appears. I log on there daily after work and the change did come about the next morning I logged on there. I was surprised.

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