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Do you fluther before bed?

Asked by Melonking (1221points) June 7th, 2008 from iPhone

I know I go on Fluther on my iPhone before i go to sleep, and on the last Q lots of ppl were talking aboult it. So how many ppl do do this?

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Sometimes I Fluther while I’m in my bed before I fall asleep.

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What a strange yet, interesting question to ask… Well, I do sometimes but not all the time. I’m surprised that you asked this question in the midday, and not before you went to bed! :P

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Well I’m in bed now and fluthering away like a thing posessed.

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I am next to osullivanbr in bed doing the same thing

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yes! ha i always do, it’s like a must.

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I get my jellyfish on in the sac

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I fluther in bed one handed

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I have only been obsessively Fluthering for a short while… thank you to my husband…and now I find myself fluthering any chance I get. With two kids (who I have to admit) I have been ignoring here or there the last few days, I find myself Fluthering mostly in bed and usually quite late. During the day, it is any moment I get between diaper changes, constant hunger and mouths to feed, temper tantrums and actually enjoying my kids and the life of a stay at home mommy!

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Sometimes I Fluther in my sleep.

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