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Are you all going to watch the concert to benefit the victims of sandy tonight?

Asked by philosopher (9152points) December 12th, 2012

It will be on on WLNY in New York that is a CBS channel, Public Broadcasting and ABC.

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Wow so far a great show.
Well then there’s Adam Sandler and Paul Schaffer.

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I got finals and I have to lift

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I’m watching on my iPad and fluthering on the iPhone.

I’m curious as to why there aren’t more hip-hip, R&B and Latin artists…

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Second to last episode of Survivor and Modern Family for our viewing pleasure this evening.

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Oh man, check this out. Bon Jovi and The Boss

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I’m not. It is a ploy to make it seem like Obama has good leadership skills before the election.

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The Stones now.

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Mick can still rock it.

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@philosopher Yeah, he still has the strut.

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Mick is 69 years old. Keith Richards is 68. Charlie Watts is 71. Bill Wyman is….drum roll please….76!

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@bkcunningham I think last I saw the average age of our Supreme Court was way less than the Stones.

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I can’t watch this program but I did see the Stones just a few years ago and was gobsmacked by particularly Mick’s energy. He certainly has still got it.

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Aw man, I forgot about it! I heard Roger Waters was performing, too. Bummer. Stupid Finals week.

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No i’m not, but i’m sure the audience will be blown away… the performance that is.

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