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Why was the question about the singing baby in the stroller deleted?

Asked by 2davidc8 (7772points) December 13th, 2012

Recently, there was a question about the song that the baby in the stroller was supposedly singing. There was a link to a video. Regardless of whether it was actually the baby who was singing, I thought I knew the song, so I was in the middle of researching it when the posting was deleted. Why?

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I found the question here
I don’t see that it has been deleted. If it has, perhaps it is because the poster of the question ended up answering it himself, then asked what aria it was. Had the question about what aria it was been in the OP, it would probably have stayed up.
But, as I said, I am able to see the question.

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Interesting! When I follow your link, I can see the question. But not when I click on “Social” and scroll down and go page by page.

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I found it on page 3 of “Social”.

I didn’t find it either until I did a browser search for the OP (Ctrl F > flo).

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It was asked four days ago, so it’d be pretty far down the list.

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@augustlan Nope. I scrolled all the way down Social 10 pages worth, all the way into November, and it’s not there, but when I follow @filmfann‘s link, I can see it. A bug in Fluther maybe?

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I don’t think it’s a Fluther bug because I see it on page 3 of Social.

It’s the 5th question up from the bottom of the page. I.e., it’s 4 questions above the bottom one.

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@2davidc8 Weird, since others can find it. Try clearing your cache and restarting your browser. It may have stored a cookie from when the Q was in editing.

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