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Are America's immigration laws almost as difficult as Germany's?

Asked by 717richboy (234points) December 13th, 2012

I’m just curious. I don’t know a lot about Germany’s immigration system.

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Here is a good background article.

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The most significant aspect of Germany’s immigration system is that it’s enforced.

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Do you have something specific you want to know? The rules are wildly different. There is no jus soli (“right of soil”) citizenship traditionally, and now there only kinda is. EU residents have free movement the same as German citizens. Naturalization is probably more strict.

As for how they’re enforced, @Crashsequence2012 is unsurprisingly full of it. It’s probably about as selectively enforced as the USA. There is a large contingent of undocumented immigrants from Turkey, and many come in from elsewhere in the EU. There are different rules in civil society that makes some illegal immigration a bit more difficult. People tend to register their addresses with the government, for instance. There are other factors that make it easier like the fact that there aren’t uniform rules about immigration across the EU.

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