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What was your college major?

Asked by livelaughlove21 (15608points) December 13th, 2012 from iPhone

Why did you pick it?
Do you feel as if you got where you are because if that degree?
If you could go back, would you change your major?
Did you attend grad school?

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I started out with a major in accounting. I aspired to become a corporate CFO. However, I soon participated in the Hippie revolution and my expectations changed accordingly. Eventually I took more college courses in Philosophy for my own interest.

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My majors were Sociology, Psychology and Social Work. But I also did Criminology, and Political science. I’m finding it hard to remember, since it was so long ago. I fell in love with all my subjects, and wanted to do more and more. I could have spent my life as a student actually. I also went on to do a post grad finance degree, but in all of them, went to Majors and dropped out. It did change my life, everything I did study, including Labor Law and Social Law. But sad to say I have no papers. I think everyone should study. Most of my friends have two or more degrees. I am envious. Knowledge is power :) ( I even went as far as getting an internship accepted at a Drug Rehab, that I was once in. The psychiatrist there said he was looking forward to having me on the other side of the fence.) Sadly it did’nt happen.

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Psychology (and with a minor in Sociology). Unfortunately, I found I could not do the math needed for a degree in Psychology (despite a 4.0 GPA) – so… after two years, I left the college I was attending.

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B.A in Badassery with a minor in lifting

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Psychology. I’ve always liked analyzing people, and I wanted to better understand how people think. I wouldn’t change it. I still love doing it. Yes, I attended graduate school.

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French and History,
I am precisely where I am because of that degree,
still trudging bookishly onward toward the PhD.

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My major has always been Management however the concentration has changed each time I attended I am now going back to finish my degree starting Jan 2nd and have finally settled on Project Management with a certificate in Computer Graphics. The reason my concentrations changed over the years is that I wasn’t sure what I would love and enjoy doing for the rest of my life. The job I found that was for me was doing projects and I actually enjoyed going to worke each day. Its also flexible where you are able to work from home. So I know this is what I am sticking with when I finally get my degree in about a year and half. I chose getting the additional certificate in Computer Graphics because doing Project Management you make presentations and which I think having the ability to make amazing presentation material will keep people interested in what I am presenting them.

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History. I thought I should go for something practical, but my dad said they only want to know you can take instructions, and any BA will do. History seemed interesting.

My first job after college was in financial services.

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Political science. Kind of a catch-all degree. And I’ve done a little of this and a little of that in my life. My degree didn’t necessarily have much to do with it.

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It started out as French, which I adored in high school. Then I got to college and met up with the professor from hell. It wasn’t that she was a tough grader, simply that she was an annoying, obnoxious person. It was a small college and there was no way I could take 4 years of her. I switched to elementary education which turned out to be a good choice in most ways. The education background has served me well, especially as a bank trainer. Don’t let anyone tell you that teaching 9 year olds is all that different from teaching 29 year olds!

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I majored in philosophy, and I suppose it must have gotten me to where I am today, since I am in grad school for philosophy. Not a PhD though, thank god, just a Master’s. I say thank god because I don’t think I’m cut out to be a teacher. My MA will actually be in philosophy with a concentration in psychoanalysis.

I’m not sure yet if I regret doing the whole philosophy thing or not. I love having learned it for its own sake, but because I’m not settled yet on what to do next, it remains to be seen if it’ll be more useful than another major would’ve been. I do regret the MA, because the only thing it’s good for is continuing in academia. I wish I’d gone for an MSW instead – my tentative plan for what to do next is to train to be a psychotherapist. Then again, I might not have discovered I want to do that unless I had this experience studying psychoanalysis over the past few years.

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Russian studies. I’d be a creative writer if I could have been. Discovered it too late. Not that it would have mattered.

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I started in 06 as a Nursing Major switched into Journalism changed to Art with Emphasis in Multimedia

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Economics FTMFW.

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My degree is a BS in Business Economics. I started as a math major but it interfered with my drinking. I enjoyed Econ classes, but figured Bus Econ was a bit more practical. If I did it over, I would have gone straight econ.

My career only used my education in terms of general background, but it was not necessary once I was hired.

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3 years of Philosopy, but then I changed to Women’s Studies and got my B.A. And M.A. in WS in 3 years.

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Started out in Environmental Design with an eye to a Masters in Architecture but ran out of money and ended up in Building Construction (Now called Construction Science) and got stuck in the rut and never went back for my Masters. Still kicking my own ass (thank you yoga) for not going into Anthropology.

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@zenvelo The question I have is did the education you got help to get you hired in the first place? I know that when I left my position doing projects to care for my daughter when she was really ill I didn’t think that it would be that difficult to find another position with my experience and six sigma greenbelt. However now when looking for a job now that she is well it has been like finding a needle in a haystack since the job market has tanked and employers can have the luxury of demanding that degree along with experience. So now I am going back to school to finish up my degree in the concentration I loved doing that way I can be more marketable and get back to the career that I love instead of settling on a job I hate.

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I’m going to school for Marine Biology. Can’t really answer your other questions as I’m still in school but I’m pretty certain my degree is going to influence the job I have in life. Once I graduate I’m moving down to the Caribbean to do research on the reefs down there :).

As far as grad school goes, maybe but def not yet, right now Im at the point where I’m kinda just like fuck school i just want it over with.

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@uberbatman : Me too, and I’ve been in school for 20 years :’-(

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@creative1 I was hired in an entry level position over 30 years ago that did not require a degree (but it was a plus) and really the only qualification was facility at adding and subtracting fractions quickly and under pressure. My job was to input stock option prices on the floor of an Exchange. I worked my way up from that. A knowledge of business and a knowledge of economics has helped as a I got promoted, but was definitely not a demonstrated skill.

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More fellow psychology majors than I was expecting. :)

@uberbatman I wanted to study Marine Biology in high school, briefly – until I discovered that while I love the animals, I hate being in the ocean. I figured I probably wasn’t a good candidate for that field.

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@uberbatman I had a marine biology class in high school. Found out a few months ago that a friend who was in that class was so taken with it that he went to college, majored in it and worked in the field for the last 30+ years. He still loves it even though he retired last year.

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@bookish1 sucks dont it

@livelaughlove21 no, probably not.

@rojo Yea I didn’t discover my love for marine life until somewhat more recently. Before my friend moved to California he left me his little ten gallon tank. Before that I had never had fish before. Started off with fresh water, moved to salt in about a month and then started getting bigger tanks, within a couple months I was completely hooked, so much so it influenced me to go back to school to major in marine biology.

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I majored in Zoology because it is a way to qualify to go to veterinary school. Unfortunately my grades in chemistry, physics and math were not high enough. So I looked at my options, one of which was a career in clinical laboratory science which I did. I’ve been a Medical Technologist (ASCP) for 35 years and counting. Working in the clinical lab turned out to be a good match for me.
If I could start over I would not change my plan but simply study much harder to get the grades.

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