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When was the first WWII movie released?

Asked by DaphneT (5728points) December 13th, 2012

Was the first movie about WWII released during the war itself, immediately the year following the surrenders, or did several years go by before any movie about WWII was released?

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There were several on both sides that were made during the war. They were used to boost the morale of the civilian populations.

Wikipedia has an extensive list here. It looks like the first were made in 1938.

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Confession of a Nazi Spy was made in 1939.
Before that, you had some propaganda films like The Triumph of the Will, which showed the might and the determination of the Nazi’s. That is from 1935.

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@bookish1 I love that film.

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Casablanca, one of the most famous of all WW II films, was made in 1942.

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@janbb: Me too! But it’s painful to watch, like The Great Escape.

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Shout out for this film, which was basically Canadian propaganda to entice America to join the war. It’s kind of awesome.

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