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How did you find Fluther?

Asked by augustlan (47376points) December 13th, 2012

This question is for new members as well as those who’ve been here since the beginning. What led you to our little corner of the ‘net?

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I am an askville refugee. A bunch of us migrated here at the same time.

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I migrated here from Answerbag in late 2009. Good heavens! I just looked, and yesterday marked 3 years for me on this site. Wow! My how time flies when you’re having fun.

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I can’t remember what I was googling, but I stumbled across a Fluther question and decided to join. :)

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So that’s 3 mass immigrations to Fluther that I know of:

Askville in August, 2008.
Wisdm in March, 2009.
Canswerbag in December, 2009.

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I stumbled upon it. I used to be on Yahoo answers but its really bad there. I have checked out other Q&A sites, and I love Fluthers lay out. It’s just easier. And I love the awards and so on .

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I was on both Wisdm and Answerbag and came in with both immigrations. I think I was instrumental in the Answerbag immigration.

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Answerbag refugee. When AB changed everything and become of the ass variety, someone eventually gave a link to Fluther. Lots of us moved here. I just wished I knew about it before haha.

zensky's avatar “refugee” circa early 2009. I don’t remember who brought me over – maybe Matt or Kevin – the former is on a break – but shall return – and the latter has disappeared.

I laughed at Brian’s “cancerbag.” Hadn’t heard that one before.

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lol cancerbag. Tr00 dat mate.

also, AssBag.

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Stumbleupon castaway. Think I googled “Stumbleupon alternatives” after they “made it better” by cutting out 95% of the social elements of SU. Not really sure if that’s how I happened upon Fluther, but that seems most right to me atm.

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I was forced here against my will when former wankerbag members came mob-handed to my door, they keep me here still, bastards!!

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I was part of the original iPhone influx in the summer of 2007. I had been on Yahoo Answers in the beta stages and that quickly went south once it opened to a wider audience. So while searching for iPhone webapps, I found Fluther.

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I dont even really remember its been so long. I want to say I was looking for the answer to some question on google and this site popped up.

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@Hawaii_Jake We’ve been here THREE YEARS? WOW!


Also jumped ship with the Answerbag crowd.

bob_'s avatar refugee.

Whenever someone says “maybe we’re being mean to the newbies”, I just think “man, you don’t know how shit was back in the day”.

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Maybe we need to organize a raiding party and infiltrate Quora, bringing back the worthiest warriors to Fluther.

We are historically very good to seasoned Q&Aers, more so than green recruits.

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@bob_ yeaaa they were some dark times in fluther history.

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I read about it in an article in the San Francisco Chronicle.

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@Seek_Kolinahr “bringing back the worthiest warriors” there were Fremen on other sites? By all means then! Yadda yadda, the whole our water their water and stuff, you know the drill :P

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@johnpowell I just about died when I read that thread. And I remember being directly involved in the Clinton Kelly question on AnswerBag. Ha ha.

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An article in

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Fluther was listed with a bunch of social media options in an article on a Web marketing site for building a presence with your brand. I tried it out and was hooked. Quickly forgot about the brand and dumped the other social media sites.

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Gimmedat and her husband found the site and lead me to it.

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Looking for a special hot dog roll from a Google search.

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A former Jelly told me about the site.

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I wanted to post a question on something and didn’t want a bunch of garbage answers.
The quality of sincere answers for general questions made me feel like it was an ok place to post it. (Thank you moderators!!!!)
The rest is history.

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I came over when closed. People on their were talking about Fluthr and as I couldn’t bear the thought of not having a regular Q&A site to go to I wish I could say that I am joking here!, I decided to check it out.

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I very nearly started hyperventilating when Fluther was down for an hour or so yesterday. You are not alone.

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I was searching for an answer to a question. Don’t remember what the question was (probably in the file somewhere) but I liked the format, style and comraderie I witnessed and wanted to be a part of it.
I do remember that @Quingu jumped my ass one time for a smartass answer and that stung, not that I did not deserve it.

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March 10, 2010

Coloma had flown into SFO at midnight from a 13 hour nonstop flight from Taipei city Taiwan.
I then drove 130 miles home arriving around 3a.m.
Was lying on my bed later that day browsing on my laptop when I discovered fluther. My joke about it being the longest case of jet lag in the history of man. Almost 3 years later, here I still am. haha

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P.S. I have been having trouble getting on fluther since yesterday too. I have to go through google as I cannot get in via my bookmark. I told @Bellatrix about it last night. Still getting the “over capacity” page when I try to enter from my bookmark and when I click on“home” from the site.???

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I came over from wisdum. I didn’t quit answerbag till later to see how it would work out.

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My husband noticed it and I checked it out. Just celebrated my 4 year Flutherversary this week. can’t believe it’s been that long

Fluther is my one and only q&a.

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Invited (or perhaps, dragooned) by Ben when he and Andrew were launching. All family members were fair game. I signed up, begrudgingly, and was surprised at how much I enjoyed it.

I had some experience and knowledge in a few areas and could put together several coherent sentences…so one thing led to another and to another..

Several times I thought of dropping out but with Milo’s arrival in April of 2008, I became the supplicant with the daily cat question.

Now I hang around, often, as transfixed voyeur, curious sociologist or simply interested bystander.

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My parents are jellyfish.

Go figure.

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Askville became untenable and here I be. I wish I could remember who was the first person from Askville to talk about fluther.

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@Judi Askville-? You mean that one next to Whoville-? Lol.

I discovered Fluther after that day when I walked into the forest and me and my sister saw bread crumbs on the trail and followed them and my sister stopped by this cupcake house while I went ahead and whaddaya know, saw this crystal clear pool filled with jellyfish…

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@Coloma Clear your cache (history/cookies) and restart your browser. That should fix it.

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@augustlan I have, twice,and also about a month ago. Still having trouble? :-/

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Now, it’s working again…mysterious stuff. haha

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Through Google. I was searching for an answer to a question I had online and came across Fluther.

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I had just lost a dog and was searching something about dogs on google and found this site. Never left after that.

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I had just been hanging out with an ex of mine and we were talking about woodpeckers, and I was wondering how woodpeckers could peck trees without injuring themselves! Somehow asking the internet led me to Fluther.

I’m not sure I ever learned the answer about woodpeckers, though…

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@bookish1 It seems woodpeckers have really thick skulls compared to most birds and they have a one of a kind additonal brain encasement that keeps their brain from jarring during those intense pecking moves.

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@bookish1 Haha…that’s funny!
My daughter just showed me how to sex Earwigs the other night. Fascinating insect facts.
Sooo…female Earwigs have closed pinschers and males have the spread apart hooked ones.
Every family needs an armchair entomologist. lol

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I was looking through iphone apps and I found the fluther app. I had never been on another q&a site, but for some reason I uploaded the app to my phone and I have never looked back. The people were so intelligent and fun, even though there was some amount of drama when I joined. I met some awesome people and I stayed. 4.5 years now and it’s one of the longest commitments I have ever had.

I have also made good friends that I consider more than fluther friends, which is good for me. I am very anti-social.

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^^^Milo here: Tell that to the marines. You have been social enough with a certain unnamed somebody for her to make my former untrammeled life a misery, She is even able to overcome her guilt enough to ration my food, no thanks to you, Crawl back into your cave.

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I was a QnA refugee and I was looking for a worthwile site so I came across it as I was snooping around. I’m glad I did!

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Let Mr. Lennon tell you

Actually I got directed here from a food/cooking website. I thought I was just going to be answering some questions about cooking and recipes. Turns out that Fluther is more than just pancakes, oranges and sandwiches : )

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@Kardamom , but boy do we like our PANCAKES!!

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sophiesword forced me to make an account :) Don’t regret if for a minute. I love this site. Sadly, she doesn’t come on much now.

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I, seriously, have not had pancakes in about 20 years…I gots to make pancakes one of these day.

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My Mom made some fantastic pumpkin pancakes a few weeks back. They were magnificent.

Coloma's avatar

I like my pancakes cold with butter and jam. haha

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^^ Me too! My Mom always makes extras and puts them in the fridge just for that purpose : )

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@Kardamom I knew we were kindred spirits! lol

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@Coloma Yes indeed. It’s funny, because I just realized that I’m talking about pancakes on this thread, and nachos and seitan tacos over on This Thread

Even though neither of the threads was about food

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@Kardamom : Go back to the other thread, your gay atheist vegetarian tacos await you ;)

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By accident, from just googling a topic and a thread on fluther came up about what I was looking for. I’d noticed in the mean time that there were many sceptics on here, and I’m a paranormal enthusiast so that attracted me here. I get bored on sites where most agree with me, and I appreciate respectful debate.

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I have no idea. I think I used to ask questions via Google search and a couple have lead to Fluther. I actually used this site with questions before joining. So I viewed the ads that came with not being a member. I loved the lay out. And I could find answers for a bunch of questions I’d ask Google search. I think I used this site for about a solid year before becoming a member last year-ish.

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Google brought me to the Fluther version of ‘Hotel California’. I still haven’t found my way out…

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I think I read about it in MacWorld or some magazine. It is the only Q & A site I have ever participated in. When a long gone jelly was banned he said I should join another site where he was active. I did join but never really became involved. One is enough!

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If I remember correctly I read about Fluther on a while back.

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@Bellatrix : Hahaha, that is just too funny! I’m gonna have to go listen to that guitar solo right now.

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I asked a question on Google about why some old people have that funny musty odor and Google sent me here, where someone had asked the same question. I’d never been on a social site before, but the answer to the question I asked was helpful. I was intrigued by a lot of the questions, so I signed up. Haven’t regretted it. . . yet.

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@Sunny2 Why DO old folks smell like dresser drawers?

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What do ‘dresser drawers’ smell like @Coloma? Camphor? Moth balls? Lavender?

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@Bellatrix Old people, yes, all of the above.haha

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I am old and I think I smell like Country Life soap which is really quite pleasant, preferable to any perfume that I can think of. Sometimes lavender because it is growing all over my yard and when you brush against it you smell like it for a while.

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@rooeytoo You’re not THAT old, I think the dresser drawer smell happens after 80 or so.

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@Coloma – some mornings it feels like 80 year old knees!

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I smelt cake and followed my nose here ; )

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I was Googling 2 or 3 years ago, and found a post here related to my search. I joined just to ask about that one thing, but I ended up enjoying the site.

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I didn’t. Fluther found me.

One night, Ben and Andrew broke into my house and beat me with rubber jellyfish until I agreed to join.

“We need answers! We need answers!”, they yelled. Then they stole my cookies.

Tim drove the getaway car.

I’ve been here ever since.

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@cookieman Trying to get your cookies back?

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