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What should I do tonight?

Asked by trudacia (2508points) June 7th, 2008 from iPhone

I’m bored but lazy. Feel like going out but then again I don’t. Feel like getting dressed up but I’m also very comfy in my sweats. Anything good on TV tonight? I’m thinking this is why I’m still single…..

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get dressed up, go out with your friends you wont regret it.

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I agree with lovelyy. I always have fun when I’m out with my friends. Even if we don’t know what we want to do and don’t have any plans we seem to find something to entertain us and it usually ends up being a pretty memorable night.

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I was exhausted last night and I mustered up the energy to get dressed up and go out. Girls night out and we had a blast! Have a mojito…a great summer cocktail.

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Yeah I’d go out.
If you’re anything like me its more the hassle of getting ready and such that would put you off. Once I get out there though I always have a blast.

And don’t worry. We’ll all be waiting for you when you get back.

Wrap up warm now.

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It doesn’t sound like you want to go out. You don’t need to. The next Saturday is only a week away. If you want to sit around with a bottle of wine and watch re-runs of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air feel free to do so. There isn’t anything wrong with spending some time alone.

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Drink some Pabst and fluther, while watching fresh prince.

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I love all your responses…. Lurve for everyone! However, I still haven’t decided on fresh prince and pabst or getting off my booty and going out to party.

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Out of the house. And we’ll be expecting a report tommorrow on the stupid things that you’ll have done tonight.

Don’t make me come over there now!!!!

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I’ve already said what I think you should do but if you’re still undecided why not flip a coin? Maybe? If you do this then follow through with whatever it says. None of that “Oh well, I’ll just flip it again” or “Best two out of three” crap.

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maybe go see a movie with a friend or something? A quiet night out is still a nice way to spend an evening. You could get dinner too.

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Most of the decisions I’ve made in my life have been based on that 2 out of 3 crap. Oh how Allie would be mad.

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alright girls you win! Maybe I’ll meet the man of my dreams tonight. You never know…

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Osullivanbr: Haha, nah, I wouldn’t say I’d be mad (I’m hardly ever mad at anything as it is). Do what works for you. I’m a one-flip kind of girl.

Trudacia: YES!!! Have fun, chickie. =D

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Actually since I have you allie. Do you remember that you were going to be president of that free society we were starting back in the ashamed/embarrassed/nude question. Well I want to challenge for the thrown now since its very recently been announced that I’ve become a girl.

Have fun tonight my dear.

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Osullivanbr: Hahahaha!! Never! I will rule til the end of time. ;-] Hmm.. what kind of challenge?

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did I accidentally call you a girl sir? Many apologies!

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Im scared. Actually you can keep the throne (better spelling attempt that time eh)

Dont give it a second though. There are many worse things you could have said about me.

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Osullivanbr: I wise choice. I might have demolished you. Kidding.

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ruling with an iron fist.

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Haha. How else am I supposed to lead the rest of you nakies?

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I’m working. So I envy you sitting at home in comfy clothing.

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Go somewhere in your town where you’ve never been before. Go on an adventure.

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steal a zoo animal get a friend with asian roots and get some white castle.

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stay home and make it a blockbuster night

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You could check out Fluther’s search feature! J/K there are some funny answers there.

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help out kevin hardy

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Help the Rainicorn rescue Princess Bubblegum from the clutches of the Ice King. That guy is a oxy-moron!

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Or you could help the old man recover his diamonds from the ninjas…

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watch wrestling matches and horror movies on youtube

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