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Can a graduate from Trinidad become a teacher in New York?

Asked by Eggie (5591points) December 14th, 2012

I am a student at a university in Trinidad and Tobago that has pursued a Bachelor Degree course in primary school education. I have really dreamed of going to the United States to teach; preferably New York but I have had some negative criticisims from other people. Some of them say that the educational system over there is much harder and that there is hardly any time for vacations. There is also the problem of citenzenship and that the educational system would not hire me because of this. I have also heard that one cannot become a teacher with just a Bachelor Degree alone but I would need to get my Masters Degree which would take me two more years which I do not want to do in my country. There is also one more problem. I was on a government scholarship while doing my degree, which I am upon completion required to serve three years in my country which I really do not want to do. I have been dreaming of going to the United States for a very long time ever since I was a teenager and it is so hard. Can someone tell me is there a chance for me to do this? I am 27 by the way….

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Screw it and give it a whirl. I live in NYS, it’s a great place. Only thing is the schools are under a lot of budgetary constraints. Most are cutting back on staff right now. It’s going to be tough as a new teacher. And most schools let teachers get their masters in the first year or two of work.

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I think you will need a H-1B immigration / work permit AND first you need a teaching certificate from the USA. You may not be able to any visa if you have a three year or any government requirement for you to be employed in your native country.

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I think you owe your country its obligation. Meanwhile, you can try to apply for a work visa to come to the US. In addition, you can work on getting a teaching certificate.

It may be easier to find a job teaching in a private school. Public schools do have all kinds of requirements, especially in NYC. If you were willing to go elsewhere, it might be easier. However, the good thing for you about NYC is that there is a huge Trinidadian community. You meet with folks there, and they will give you all kinds of advice and maybe even provide connections.

I would spend the three years planning and laying the groundwork. I would go visit and make connections with the community in NY. I would learn about public and private schools. I would be applying for visas. Do it right, and you’ll even be able to become a citizen. The work and the wait will be worth it.

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