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Is there a good monthly news magazine or a journal out there?

Asked by orlando (627points) December 14th, 2012

I’d like to stop reading the daily newspaper, but would still like to keep up to date to the happenings in the world, so I’m looking for a good monthly newspaper or a journal.

Economist looks good, but I don’t like their weekly format—monthly or bi-monthly is something I would prefer. Any suggestions?

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The Atlantic is a good one in my opinion. A couple others: National Review for a conservative viewpoint; The Nation or New Republic for a liberal viepoint.

But these are more opinion magazines. There are not “good monthly” news magazines because in that time frame it isn’t news anymore.

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I agree with @zenvelo. There are no real monthly options except Atlantic, which is not really a news magazine.

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Mother Jones comes out bimonthly. It’s liberal. Very good, though. Excellent investigative reporting.

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Monthly news is a bit oxymoronic. How about a weekly – Like TIME?

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Thanks guys (and girls). I’ll check all them out.

I still prefer monthly over weekly. I know this might sound funny to some in today’s age of instant news, but weekly is too much for me. I like a bit more depth of coverage and lesser frequency that a monthly can provide better.

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