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Is there any unusual and unheard of ice cream topping that you could recommend?

Asked by mazingerz88 (19058points) December 14th, 2012

Yes, unedible stuff included. Heh heh.

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My father liked Maple syrup.

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Garlic paste, ketchup, shredded bark from white birch trees, ear wax

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I saw an ad for bacon flavored icing the other day.

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I think cinemas should have a horror themed “day after saturday” promotion.
They could call it I-scream sunday!

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Crumbled bacon.

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Not really, but I have had pizza with cashews…amazingly good.
My custom ice cream moment is adding extra chopped walnuts and mini-marshmallows to my rocky road, to make it even rockier. lol

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My mom liked beer and ice cream. And I’ve had bacon in cinnamon ice cream which is yummy.

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Cardamom, of course! On Vanilla ice cream. Try it, you’ll love it, but just a few sprinkles or it will over power it.

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Instant Coffee granules.

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I like crumbled meringue on top of my ice cream :)

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Really good balsamic vinegar on vanilla ice cream is delicious.

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Peanut butter or ground cinnamon on top of vanilla ice cream. Not sure if I would recommend the two together, but on their own they aren’t too bad.

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Nestle Quick powder is delicious. I know that isn’t so unusual, but most people go for the syrup and the powder is a different taste and texture.

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