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Have you ever ended a business conversation with "Love you?"?

Asked by Judi (39784points) December 14th, 2012 from iPhone

Do you have any similar embarrassing stories you would like to share?

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No, but it happened to my business parner. He was talking to an electrical subcontractor about a project we were doing and at the end of the conversation the subcontractor said “Ok, Love you” and hung up. While my partner stood there laughing, the phone rang again and the embarrased electrical sub apologized profusely, explaining that he was used to talking to his wife.
The next time they spoke my partner ended the phone conversation with “Love you too”!

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…..long time.”
No, i’m not into asian prostitutes.

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From the first grade through the third, I attended the same school where my mom taught. Every morning we would walk to school together, arms linked and all. One day, after walking in through the gates, I stayed a bit behind talking to a friend and when I was done I ran ahead to catch up with my mom. I wasn’t really paying attention, so I linked arms with and started talking to her…until I looked up and realized that it wasn’t my mom. I used to be a super shy kid, so I was mortified. And it didn’t help that the lady couldn’t stop laughing when she realized my mistake lol

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Is there any business talk that didn’t?

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My partner was asissting in surgery one day when out of the blue, apropo of nothing (apparently), the surgeon said “I love you, too”. Michele was puzzled and just a bit worried, and then she finally figured out that the band U2 was playing quietly in the background. (I so wish I could’ve seen her face!)

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No, but…I recently answered the phone, thinking it was my daughter, with ” Hey Cupcake!” and it was a biz. call from a woman. lol

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My daughter called me the same time a business call came in. I answered “Hi Sweetheart!” but it was one of the lawyers in the NY office. Whoops!

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@zenvelo Haha….aaah….gotta laugh.

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YES, it was horrible. I had just started my current job back in 2003, and my husband won $30k on a lottery ticket and I was calling my boss to tell him I had to go to the lottery office Monday morning first thing to get our check, and I said “Okay, I’ll see you as soon as I can. Love ya.” He laughed his butt off. :)

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No, but often I put “xxx” when I write to people. When I think of it, I cringe. Not business letters but people in general. Not sure if they wanted a kiss or not!

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No, but I did used to develop my Southern accent whenever I talked to my contact at the Nashville Network. Every time I would swear that it wasn’t going to happen, and then at the end she’d say “Bahye and I’d answer Bahye right back.

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No, but that’s a good idea and I’m going to start.

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No, but I’ve had people to that to me. I usually just laugh it off. I once accidentally called my teacher “mom” in middle school though – that was pretty embarrassing.

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Yes! About a million years ago, I worked in a Congressional office on Capitol Hill. I had a wonderful romance with one of the guys in the home district office. We ended EVERY business call with “Love you.”

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I totally have. The customer on the other end laughed, and told me he loved me, too.

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My grandmother once greeted someone with “hello fatty” accidentally. That’s what she jokingly says to her daughter whenever they meet up (who is not offended by this). The other person was not fat but it just slipped out due to habit!!!

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@Leanne1986 Loll. Reminds me of my father when he lost his marbles. In hospital one day a woman walked past him and smiled. He smiled back then shouted on the top of his voice ‘Why is she so fat??’.

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@Shippy I did that when I was a child apparently. I also told a bald man that he forgot to put his hair on.

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