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Help with old turntable do these work?

Asked by phenociab (8points) December 14th, 2012

We have an old Westinghouse Stereo cabinet – HM 1359 -
Recently we had to replace the stylus. Now, the arm skips across the record without enough pressure. We removed the cartridge to look, and I’m not sure what it’s actually supposed to look like, but I think in the replacement process, a spring might have been disturbed that held the cartridge in balance. I’ve been looking and see this kind of cartridge is difficult to find to replace…
Any ideas on this? I don’t really know what I’m looking for or if this is fixable.

Here is a link to a picture of the cartirdge –
and the stylus looks like this… lect=Model

The stylus is in the cartridge, but the cartridge is not sitting at the right angle -seems like it needs a spring. Does anyone know anything about these kinds of cartridges?

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Could it be a spring or something which controls the tonearm? Not the cartridge at the end, but the whole arm?

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The weight holding the tonearm must be way off…

Here is an anti-skating video

Be patient and watch this video thoroughly. I believe this may be the solution to your problem.

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The tonearm’s balance has been effected.

There should be an adjuster in the form of a knob on the back of the tonearm or a swinging weight loop.

Tracking force should be slightly increased.

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