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Conspiracist are already claiming the actions in Connecticut today to be an inside job by the U.S. Gov why?

Asked by _Whitetigress (4362points) December 14th, 2012

What in the world is wrong with people?

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Because they are idiots.

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I haven’t heard that, but anyone that declares that should be ashamed.

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Many of this type of people are interested in fermenting dissension in the nation, hoping to destroy our system of government in favor of anarchy.

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Because it’s Friday and they started drinking early.

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Oh for fucks sake…really? Now I’ve really heard everything!

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It is the same ridiculousness that attends other conspiracy theories.

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You should reject this conspiracy theory, but not because it sounds ridiculous.

Here’s the thing: Conspiracies are a reality and have happened in the past. Of course people who accept every conspiracy theory on flimsy evidence are crazy. But so is everyone who rejects every conspiracy out of hand.

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Because to be a Conspiracist your must be paranoid first and STUPID second.
Oh and wear a tin foil hat,

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Who, what, where, when and how? It is impossible to discuss this without data. You are left with only a vague supposition.

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If the people are crazy and obsessed about how they think the government is out to get you and scare the people into giving up their rights in exchange of becoming slaves under protection, then to them regardless of what happens it is PROOF that they are right.

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@gailcalled Who: people on YouTube What: conspiracist Where: YouTube When: Today How: I don’t know

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It was an action carried out by radical anti-gun liberals. In their efforts to stop guns from killing people, they just killed 30 children to prove a point…or something…I don’t know. In my experience (and yes, I personally know and converse with a conspiracy theorist regularly), conspiracy theorists need to do this. It actually gives them comfort, believing that’s all an inside job.

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It all actually has to do with the ancient aliens who actually built all the wonders of the ancient world but lost their nuclear radioactive Mana Machine in the desert with Moses and came back to plant false evidence of a Hawaiian birth for a Kenyan child knowing that anyone born in Kenya in poverty and given the middle name of Hussein would obviously go on to become President of the United States, thereby able to cover up the fact that George Bush had the twin towers rigged with thermite before 9/11 and the “alleged” hijacked planes were really just holographic projections beamed using curved light from the mother ship deep in the Kilauea volcano… It’s really complicated. Watch the “History” Channel for more “explanations”.

Tonight, for instance, they revealed that Buddhist Stupas point straight up toward the sky, unlike any other man made substructures such as the Pyramids, the Washington Monument, the Empire State building and virtually everything else mankind has built, which all point off at strange angles rather then being built upright, right?. Thus we can “obviously” conclude that the early Buddhist were worshiping the ancient aliens form the sky.

You see, with brilliant deductive reasoning like this dominating our airwaves there is no level of utter absurdity that is likely to concern those steeped in this inanity.

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YouTube is really one of the cesspools of the internet, and we all know that’s saying something. I like the South Park theory that all of these conspiracy theories are themselves a government conspiracy to make it look like the government is actually competent at something (even if that something is terrible).

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They said the same about the cinema shooting.

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If you’ve done enough reading about MK Ultra relative to other lone gunmen, then it’s easy to speculate to some degree whether other lone gunmen are similarly influenced. That’s the why.

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what serenada said is about right. The government has done some really shady stuff and people generally mistrust the government (and I think they should). I wouldn’t rule out conspiracy just because the event is horrific and it’s offensive to think its more than a mad man with a gun. However, as most conspiracies (but not all) the evidence is weak and fueled by paranoia.

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People try to make sense of the senseless, no matter how senseless the conclusion.

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Fomenting dissension. Different word.

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Because many conspiracy theorists get their high off of creating drama, even in the most extreme circumstances like this horrible event. They want to believe that something else happened, and the motivations could vary from drama seeking to political/religious reasons.

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Possibly because they’re generally horrified and suspicious and and know so little about the shooter’s motives. I think that “Why?” has got to be the biggest question of all right now, for this case.

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They really believe that is what Govt is pushing onto society. A little collateral damage to get guns banned, so that the public will be powerless against their advance. I could half believe it, except that the shooter was so obscure and unknown that no govt agency could have:
1) known about him
2) found him to brainwash

I am beginning to believe that movies are the root of all this. A lot of movies involve govt conspiracies. A bunch have evil scientists too (but that’s the subject of another rant: why uneducated people distrust scientists).

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It’s hardly news that the gub’mint in general wants more gun control, for various reasons (my own theory is that governments are entities that naturally seek more control, and publically-held guns are the antithesis of that). Other governments have done it, others want to do it, and there are a lot of people who are actively pushing for it, and we’ve already been through one “assault weapons” bill so there’s precedent. That bill, and those like it, and the cloud of soundbytes around them, make it pretty clear that the legislators aren’t actually looking to find a solution that everyone can get along with, but rather with getting the camel’s nose into the tent.

Opportunism here seems much more likely than mind control. You might have noticed how the news has started appending “like the one used in the Sandy Hook massacre” to everything that it can; I’m sure that they aren’t the only ones.

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Tyrants prefer unarmed peasants.

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