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What do you respect?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (30606points) December 14th, 2012


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Not so much money but the things that someone holds close needs to be respected Even if we disagree.

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I respect people, values, beliefs that aren’t hypocritical or harmful. I disagree with many things that I respect. Respect is born out of treating others the way you want to be treated for me (i.e. not hypocrisy).

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I respect myself and my body.
I respect others (until given a reason not to).
I respect human rights.
I respect my husband.

I wouldn’t say I respect money, but I do like it quite a bit.

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All of what you say and what the jellies above say too but most of all as time goes by, I respect open and broad-minded people!

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For those who may stumble across this little question, please, don’t think the list in the details is exhaustive. Tell us what you respect.

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I respect kindness and innocence. Nothing is more important to me (besides my family, of course).

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Honesty, kindness, truth, the law.

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I respect life. I respect people’s right to make choices about when to end their lives.
I respect people’s right to have different values and beliefs to my own. I might not agree with them but I respect their right to have them.
I respect what money can do. I respect people who use their money to help others and to improve the world we live in.
I respect members of my family. I do not respect them to the point where I believe they have the right to dictate how I should live my life just because they are family. I think some friends can be more ‘family’ than those who share the same bloodlines.
Status – not really. I respect people who work hard to achieve their goals but that could be the gardener who works to successfully grow a particular crop. I don’t respect people just because they hold a particular position in life.
I respect myself. If I don’t respect myself I think it’s very difficult to expect others to treat you with respect.
See the responses above. I respect those who treat themselves with respect but equally importantly treat others, however different they may be, with respect. I respect those who each day work in some small way to make life (not just human life) better.

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I respect beliefs.

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I respect people that work to pay their way (if they are able to obviously). A friend of mine became a mother as a teenager and the father was about as useful as a chocolate fire guard. By getting pregnant so young she automatically earned a reputation and it was assumed that she would be in a council house and living on benefits. However, she went to college and worked two jobs in order to rent a house in a decent neighbourhood and keep her daughter fed, clothed and able to go to after school clubs (ballet etc) that her friends were going to. I know she struggled but she stepped up to her responsibility, the dad had since fucked off. She now runs her own business and her daughter has got an amazing role model to look up to. Massive respect.

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Those who earn it.
Those who volunteer.
Those who run toward the disaster.

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Life? Yes.
Values? Yes.

Beliefs? Hmmm.
Money? Yes.

Family? Yes.

Status? Yes.

Self? Yes.

Others. Usually.

I respect people with conviction. People with talent unwasted through sheer hard work and elbow grease. Both literally and figuratively.


I agree with pretty much of what has been said above.

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I respect intelligence and talent.

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Life with a capital L.

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Intellectual honesty despite popular opinion.

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Honesty, empathy, and the ability of ‘nature’ to kick my ass.

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I respect authenticity— when someone or something is real in every sense of the word, that’s perfection.

I also respect the right to be authentic—which means, my authenticity should not interfere with others’ and vice versa.

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I respect conviction, but not blind conviction.
Drive but not blind ambition.
People but not everyone, Respect is built on values.

I respect much more. Much else.

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Would you believe me if I said: all matter?

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@fremen_warrior only until someone asks what you disrespect.

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@fremen_warrior Probably not. Do you respect criminals – murderers, rapists? How about liars, or cheaters?

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@livelaughlove21 you do not understand. You can respect individuals in a society they are part of without having necessarily to have respect for the nation they belong to if it does things unworthy of my respect.

Similarly I can respect the matter that makes up the criminal, without respecting what they do in its entirety. I did not say I respect everything that happens in the universe. I just try and see this reality for what it is, a collection of more or less complex constructs made up of the same building blocks. Therefore I respect all matter because I am of it, among it, and will decompose into these elements once I am dead.

I am in the universe, I am the universe, and the universe is me, and it is all around me, we are one.

(~ also, I am the walrus)

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Sincerity, authenticity, kindness, the pursuit of knowledge coupled with the understanding that we may never arrive at absolute truth that is utterable in words, nuanced arguments that privilege human agency and historical contingency :D

@fremen_warrior must be a pantheist or a mystic ;)

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People; i.e., individuals. People are the result of their own experiences and the interpretation they attach to them. Therefore, we’re all different, and we need to respect that. I respect respectful people. Conversely, I have no respect for those who disrespect others.

I respect animals in general, but specially dogs. For me, dogs symbolize loyalty, truthfulness, and many other beautiful things.

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Decent people and mother nature.

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@livelaughlove21 uh… sorry? ;-)

@bookish1 or a heavy procrastinator with too much time on their hands, but I appreciate the comparison ;-)

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