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Favorite bottled water?

Asked by courtneyxcupxakes (33points) June 7th, 2008 from iPhone

There are so many brands of bottled water now a days. What one do you prefer if any. I tend to like Fiji and Smartwater the best.

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They all taste the same to me. I have no brand loyalty.
My family doesn’t buy bottled water. We have a 2 gallon and a 3 gallon jug that we refill at Safeway when we need to.
Hmm.. so I guess Alhambra.

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Ozarka! Mmmmmmm…

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I like bonafont, but they dont have it here, so I’ll go with Ozarka…

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Fiji water is great, but pricey. I usually get Smartwater or Crystal Geyser.

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‘my mom tries to make me drink more water, we dont buy bottled water we drink tap. To make it sound better she calls it city punch”

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Nestle water is gross. Other than that I don’t really care; I usually drink tap. Aquafina and Kirkland are good, and Poland Spring and Deer Park taste the same as tap water.

@jamzzy, ‘city punch’ sounds gross.

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Bottled water bottles are filling up our landfills so I try not to drink them as much anymore. Now they are saying the whole thing about plastics so my Nalgene bottle is out. I like to drink double filtered water ( Pur filter on the sink into Britta pitcher) out of glass. When I do splurge or am in need of water on the go, I do get bottled and I like Fiji best.

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I like evian. I like drinking it in front of a mirror so it looks like I am naive.

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This is a no-brainer: Poland Spring! “What it means to be from Maine…”

(and in China, Nongfu Spring.)

But really, drink tap water. It’s great and just as good for you as bottled water. Cities like NYC and SF have amazing tap water that never necessitate drinking bottled water. Save plastic!

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@ playthebanjo…always the witty one ;-] LMAO!

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Mint flavored water I don’t remember the name

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Figi and Ozarka

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Fiji. I like the square bottles.

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The best I’ve had is from Water To Go.

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Ethos, the kind they have at Starbucks, is pretty good. But here in NYC tapwater rules all.

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(They also apparently “help children get clean water.”)

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Pellegrino does it for me.

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fiji and smartwater.

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i really dont taste much of a difference but if i had to pick one regardless of price, smartwater

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evian follow by vittel sparkling water would be San pellegrino or Perrier

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Oregon Rain bottled water.

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my boyfriend and I had a disagreement one day about bottled water. He says they all taste the same, but I completly disagree and am partcial to Fiji water. So we had a taste test. He put Fiji in one glass and a different bottled water in another glass with out me looking. He had me taste them without being in the“pretty bottle”. I was still able to tell which was Fiji and which wasn’t.

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Fiji : not for the peasantry.

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