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Do you actually answer the question?

Asked by Shippy (9870points) December 15th, 2012

I feel at times, I click through questions here and simply answer. At times I realize that I didn’t read it correctly nor understand what was really being asked. At these times, if I answer like that, I see myself as a bored troll more intent on getting those questions answered.

I know that when I see an answerer that really read what I was asking I am so grateful for this particular answer. How do you approach answering questions? Do you troll and type or do you think about it first? Do you feel that once on the troll and answer trip it is better to sign out? Or keep going?

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I’m guilty of at times reading more about the answers than the question itself so I’m sure there have been times where I have been led down the wrong road due to other answers that were also down the wrong road.

I tend to make a decision based on the what the headline question says and then either take time to read the details of the question or just quickly scan it, but I don’t know if that means I have a short attention span or something.

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I try really hard to answer the question, and generally only attempt to answer if I feel I can add to it… as a result I read a lot more on here than I answer. I always read the details if I’m thinking of answering, because they almost always make the difference, and I’m very aware if people answer my questions and they haven’t read the details.

If there’s been a lot of responses already, I will usually take the time to read through those too to make sure that my answer would really add to the conversation. Often the conversation has moved beyond the first question by then too, so I want to make sure I come in at an appropriate point. (A prime example was the recent question in General on suicide – I frequently answer these questions, but so many insightful answers were given, and my own answer really wouldn’t have added anything to the mix.)

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I’ve made a few goofs, but I try to answer the real question since I answer a lot fewer than I used to.
What I’m most guilty of is not reading the other responses and either repeating someone else’s answer or missing important details that were revealed in the thread.

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@harple Good point. I have been guilty of not reading all responses. I’m never sure though if staying on topic at that point (when a question is particularly busy) or joining the conversation is better. @Judi Me too.

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I try to read the details every time, because I’ve learned that the headline alone often does not express the real heart of the question. I don’t always read the previous responses for Questions that are looking for opinions, but those that are looking for factual answers, I’ll check to see if someone’s already found the answer.

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My answers vary based on the depth of the questions and my ability to have time to a well thought out answer. If I can’t add value or if another has hit my thoughts spot on I will pass it by.
When I am very busy with life things, I tend to not be on much or simply only from the mobile. I may not reflect on the question and simply give a short answer.
When I have more time and on the PC, I tend to answer at more depth. However, some days my mood may be deep or simply silly.
Some questions may strike a chord and I will follow the Q and A’s in depth.
All in all, I will give serious answers to serious questions.

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I try, but sometimes I mess up.

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I can skim a Q. at times, especially if it is very long, and have made the mistake of missing important info. that renders my answer less than, or moot at times.
I try to pay attention, but error happens.

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Usually I do. Sometimes I misread or just don’t read the details, but that’s rare. Sometimes I don’t fully answer, because I felt the question needed to be redirected, or were just dumb.

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It depends. On how much time I have. I usually read the question and details.

I try to read all the answers sometimes I don’t have time or get distracted by the dialogue or a specific thought.

Sometimes it triggers a question of my own. Or some sort of other thing. I need to work on editing those other thoughts.

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I usually read everything – details and answers – before I post what I hope will be a helpful answer. Occasionally I don’t have time to read a very long thread, so I’ll point out that I haven’t read all the answers when I post my own. I’m sure I’ve made mistakes, though. Nobody is perfect. :)

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Is it Belgium?

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@ucme . . . Fuck you, a woman had a right to decide what she can and cannot do with her body.

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I admit I am a skimmer. I know I am sometimes a bit off track. I do try to answer the question but there are times I miss the mark.

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So I was kind of wondering, what would Canada be like if the Vikings who discovered it centuries ago managed to stay and colonize?

Also, no.

But welcome back!! :)

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Gulity. (does that answer the question???)

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@rooeytoo As stated so do I. Trying very hard to focus on the question :)

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@Blondesjon No you may not fuck me, you’re not my type see.

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My favorite color is blue.

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I find it is easier to answer a question directly if you contribute to the thread early on. Once that a lot of answers have been given, it takes more time to read the whole thing and follow the turn that the discussion has taken and contribute with something that can really add some value to it.

Also, when you get to a thread late, a lot of people have already said a lot of the stuff you wanted to say. It’s like @blueiiznh had read my mind.

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