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Do you get bullied easily?

Asked by Highbrow (366points) December 15th, 2012

Do you think bullying is fun or do you hate it from the bottom of your heart?

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I’m kind of a bully.

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I hate bullying. I was teased and bullied through my entire school years. I was absolutely miserable and even tried suicide once. I am very sensitive to any tricks or practical jokes and I take everything at face value. I avoid pranksters like the plague.

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It was always hard to bully me. I perfected the art of not appearing to be there. It’s kind of hard to bully someone if you can’t notice them. Of course, I am good at not seeming to be there to this day, and that has had other consequences in my life.

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Oh no. Not easily.

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I hate bullying. I never had a problem with it, though. I knew how to stay out of trouble. At one point in my life, I somehow managed to be a “friend” of the bully. Somehow, he came to like me, and thus never bothered me, but I never really trusted him, and didn’t think of him as a friend. Not that I ever told him that.

Although later on in life, I did have a boss who was a bully. Problem was he was paying me to do work I really wanted to do, and that no one else gets to do. So I figured the psychic pain was part of the price I paid to do the work, but eventually it was a soul killer, so when he finally laid me off, I was really pretty happy. It was like being let out of a jail, even if it was a jail of my own making.

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I was bullied when I was younger – I think it was because I couldn’t speak English… – which caused me to develop more of a perfectionist type of personality. In general, my newly developed personality was to protect bullies of any kind from picking out any flaws from me. Something that they could pick at that would weaken my confidence. That way, I felt safe but as time passed I slowly realised that my mask-of-no-emotion was causing me to act cold even to those that I truly trusted.

I believe I am only a minor version of a bully. It depends if you consider teasing your friends bullying.

Also, I hate bullying.

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