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What is your favourite slang or local word?

Asked by TheProfoundPorcupine (2549points) December 15th, 2012

Even though we use English here on Fluther I am sure that we all have words that are slang or local dialect that we use in day to day life, but do not put on here due to thinking that others will not understand it.

So in order to show the diversity of the English language, what are some examples of slangs or local words that you use and their meaning?

I’ll give you a few Scottish examples.

dreich = a descriptive term for those days where it is cold and damp.
wabit = tired (more wawwbit and not Elmer Fudd saying rabbit)

Over to you.

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I know what you mean, sometimes normal words just don’t quite do the job.

Here are a few of mine!! Which I think as we speak 11 different languages here, they are tainted with some dutch for example.

Nar = I feel sick but not sick , queasy

Loskop = means nuts or not quite with it, direct translation is lost head

I love the word “tool” to denote an idiot. I also like sick, if its nice, and stoked which is widely used in the world.

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I’ve used the word tool to mean idiot and here we also use the word numpty to mean idiot. Come to think of it we use a few for idiot, but I don’t know what that tells you about us lol

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You have a keen and diverse selection of idiots?

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More a diverse selection of ways to describe them as we also call them dafties (clearly that is the plural so the singular is dafty) or muppets is another one lol

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‘Meshugena’ is a yiddish word for confused, disoriented, crazy.
It’s certainly not just a New York City word, but it is popular here.

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I’ve spent my adult life in the Washington, DC area, but I was born and raised a New England girl.

The word is: wicked.

“Wicked good.” “Wicked bad.” “This project is wicked hard.” It works for just about anything. It’s the orginal “awesome, ” but much better.

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My favorite from the local Hawaiian pidgin is “da kine.” The closest I can come to explaining it is to say it means whatchamacallit.

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Dumbstick = Male sexual organ.

Feminine taco = Female sexual organ (it is meant to be munched and snacked because it is the shape of a taco)

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Bubbler=water fountain here in New England

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@dxs. But of course a water fountain should be called a “bubbler!”

What part of New England? Do you call a milkshake a “frappe” or a “cabinet”?

P.S. Any chance that the Red Sox won’t su*k in 2013?

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Airhead=stupid person
Get bent=basically telling someone to f**k off.

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Sketchy: unsafe, unstable, or creepy.
Beat scene: this sucks.
Bent: (get bent, or that’s bent) basically “That’s fucked” or “fuck off.”
Stellar: awesome.
Tubular: awesome.

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Twat = Idiot/fool etc.
Bloody = bloody?

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Scrod Sauteed just right it is a culinary treat that sends me to Nirvana.

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Dunny – toilet.
Togs or bathers – swimming costume.
Port – school bag.
Thongs – flip flops.
Bon bons – Christmas crackers.

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In Pittsburgh people call idiots “jags” which is short for jagoff. I love it so much. I do not live there any more and I never spoke Pittsburghese anyhow, but I love that word and incorporate it into my speech whenever it is appropriate.

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I think it is wicked pissah that there are some more New Englanders here in the lagoon. I could totally go for a frappe from Brigham’s right about now.

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Don’t have a favourite, but I do like gobshite, used when referring to someone who lies or generally talks nonsense..

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In parts of Ireland, the word “idiot” is pronounced “ee-jit.” I love that! It’s hilarious when guys in a pub start debating about football and saying, “Aw, yer an ee-jit!”

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@PaulSadieMartin Sort of like my favorite Americanism, “Your [SIC] stupid!”

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Here in Wisconsin we say “bubbler” for water fountain. I try to avoid it myself. I don’t want to sound hick.

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Here in Alaska we think Hicks are funny. :D

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@ETpro “Your [SIC] stupid!” really has a ring to it !

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@JenniferP Interesting. Bubbler is a colloquialism for a water fountain here in Boston as well.

@dabbler Yes, it does, doesn’t it?

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@ETpro It started here in Wisconsin. Something to do with the Kohler Company. I thibnk parts of New York say it as well.

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Down at the ‘head’ shop, the bubbler is somethin’ else, just sayin’.

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