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What were some funny games you played with your siblings as a child?

Asked by AshLeigh (15939points) December 15th, 2012 from iPhone

Nipple Punching is my favorite sport to play with my sisters.
We also had Butt Wars. Basically ramming into each other backwards, trying to knock each other down.
What about you?

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We had head wars (we still do). It’s basically pushing each other usimg our head/forehead till one person can’t take the pain anymore haha.
We used to act out The Lion King when we were really young, crawling around the house pretending to be lions…

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Does flinging boogers into each other’s mouth count-?

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@MilkyWay, we acted out movies too! Haha.
@Brian1946, it is painful, but that’s why it’s funny.
@mazingerz88, gross! Haha.

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^Ew. Never have I tried nipple punching. Hello even a purple nurple sounds better..I had a friend who named his boat that. Well wet willies and that wedgies were school yard fun.

Luckily everyone thought it was more fun on guys.

But I did play chicken where you hit or punch anothers arms in turns as hard as you can until the other gives up. I was quite good.

Oh and slaps.

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Ducky Ball.

We had a stuffed duck that we played baseball with. The stuffed duck was the ball and we used one of our arms as the bat. Kick ball rules applied to throwing somebody out.

Since there were no more than 4 or 5 of us playing the game at any given time, ghostmen were an important part of keeping track of the score.

curious as to the ratio of knowers/guessers when it comes to ghostmen

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the life of the baby in the family…..

My brother and one of my sisters loved to tickle me so hard that it hurt. My brother would also tackle me and fart in my face. They also liked to set me on top of a dresser that was just tall enough to scare me, then run out of the room and leave me there.

My siblings had a laugh with those games.

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@Blondesjon ghost men were the only way to play kickball and shit when you were a kid and didn’t have a lot of players. Ghost on second!

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@jonsblond, I’m the youngest too. My brother once farted in my cereal…

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@AshLeigh Aren’t brothers the best.:)

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@jonsblond, oh yes. I love my brothers and sisters more than anything.
We’re hilarious!

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@jonsblond I definitely feel your pain. I was the baby boy and my two older sisters use to dress me up in their girl clothes and put makeup on me. They would also hold me down tickle me until I vomited or nearly passed out. Also the teased and tormented me relentlessly. We were not a happy bunch (I wouldn’t call us a family at all).

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@gondwanalon I love my siblings, but those tickles left bruises!

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When my brother and I were young and mastering the manly art of peeing into the toilet, if one of us heard the other one peeing we would run to the bathroom and do the same so we could cross streams. My poor poor mother.

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Split the kipper, this involved two players facing each other close by. Each would take turns in throwing a knife so it stuck in the ground which their opponent would have to reach with one foot without falling over. Eventual winner decided by the first person unable do to do the splits, hence the “kipper.”

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Being almost 10 years older than my sister, I used to hide her in inappropriate places..such as the upper shelf in a clothes closet. She has good memories. I guess that I remembered to rescue her.

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