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Funny jobs?

Asked by Daisygirl (377points) December 15th, 2012

Jobs like “aglet putter on-er” and “Oreo filling inspector.”
Just looking for silly job titles and maybe a description if it’s way out of whack.

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A friend of mine was a “Keebler Elf”. He worked on the production line making Keebler cookies. Obviously that was not the official job title but that’s what everyone called it.

The answer to “Where do you work?” was “In the Hollow Tree Factory.”

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Someone has to sew on the tiny bow at the front of a brassiere. What would you call that? A bra bow tacker?

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Yeah Sunny, funny comical jobs like that!

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Refers to a person in the textile industry who removes bobbins on a slubbing machine

Coffee Bitch
The new guy everyone makes go on Starbucks runs.

Serving Wench
The waitress on a pirate ship.

Cleaning Bird Shit Out of Cuckoo Clocks
This once killed at a family gathering

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Crack Whore

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