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Are you a Buyer, a Doer, or a Maker?

Asked by cookieman (34971points) December 16th, 2012 from iPhone

When it comes to gift giving, whether it be Christmas, Chanukah, or any other occasion, are you more likely to buy something from a store, do something nice for someone, or make something by hand?

Do you spend time at the mall with list in hand; Surprise someone by washing their car or mowing their lawn; or maybe bake up some cookies or get all Martha Stewart with a craft?

Bonus: If you do nothing at all, does that make you a Scrooger?

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All of the above, but mostly a buyer the last handful of years. In my younger years I made a lot of neat stuff, birdhouses, ornaments, etc. Now it’s for that front door gift delivery that saves time, fuel, and being out in vast herds of human Buffalos bulldozing their way through the china shops. lol

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A maker. I do buy gifts, of course, but I prefer to make things for people. I bake cookies or provide the cake or festivities for birthdays. I make cookie trays and handmade gifts every Christmas. Part of it is a tight budget, but mostly I just prefer to give people something that I’ve put some heart into. Not that I scoff at store-bought gifts, handmade just seems special to me. I like giving little personalized touches.

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Primarily a doer. My family, with the exception of the three littles (9, 7 and 3) need nothing.

I give my cleaning couple, who have been my White Tornado for 25 years money and edibles (wrapped in pretty dishtowels and potholders).

I send my daughter occasional gifts when something strikes my fancy; ditto for my family nearby.

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At times, all of the above.

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I just buy stuff.

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I am a doer and a buyer. My wife is a buyer, but more often a maker.

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Where’d our beloved Crusier go??? Cruiser come back! :-D…waving, smiling!

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I bake goodies.

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I’ve done each, on different occasions. These days, I’m a maker.

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I’m pretty much always a buyer. I usually make handmade cards to go along with all of the presents, though!

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Mostly a buyer. I used to make more gifts but I don’t have the time (or inclination) these days.

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Mostly a buyer, sometimes a maker if I have time (last year two members of my family got watercolour paintings that I’d done myself).

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Buying stuff is easier. I would rather be a do-nothinger.

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I used to make all my gifts and greeting cards, but now I just buy them. I spend too much time on the computer and have none left to make things. I still have an entire box full of handmade ornaments from the past.

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I too have become more of a buyer due to time constraints.

Water colour paintings, and baked goodies, and handmade ornaments and cards are so nice though.

This year, we decided to try and even it out more. Yesterday, we did all our buying, but today we made homemade chocolate/cranberry bark, and chocolate-dipped pretzels to put in tins as gifts.

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I’m a buyer. I feel it is important to goose the economy along.

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Primarily a Doer. My friends and family have pretty much everything they need, but time is the one thing we can never buy or replace, and we never have enough of it to spend together.

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