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Do you get angry anytime a moderator removes your question/answer?

Asked by 2late2be (2286points) June 7th, 2008 from iPhone

I do… Grrrrr!!! I mean, are they always here???

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No, Sometimes I remove myself. Maybe you should consider the mods’ response a learning experience.

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On behalf of the moderator clan, I’d like to say that we do our best to keep the site as intellectual and conducive to the edification of the community as possible. If that means removing a bad apple here and there, so be it. Our intention is not to insult or offend anyone, so please don’t take it personally.

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Yes, I speculate that there is always a moderator here. It is their job and they need to keep the riff raff out!

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Definitely. If I’m saying something offensive, there’s probably a damn good reason for it.

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@Niki: one man’s meat is another man’s poison. Maybe your good reason for saying something offensive is not the same for some others.

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I’m only pissed about a few of them. But there have been quite a few that were warranted. I’m actually shocked by how much doesn’t get deleted.

And really, my cat drooling on my pillow while she sleeps is a bigger problem than some strangers on a website.

* needs to launder the bedding *

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Maybe mods don’t have time to dele all the truly boring questions. As long as the question itself is clear about what is being asked, it is easy to skip. Some are devious, which I find annoying. Some are gibberish, some juvenile, some repetitive, and some incomprehensible.

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No I do not get angry when they remove a question/answer. True, it hasn’t happened to me yet (or i just haven’t noticed it), but the moderators work here for free (that’s my impression anyway) and we should be grateful for the work they are putting to the site. I know I am. Thanks to all mods!

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they should and send a message to you for the specific reason on why

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I sometimes think that they have no sense of humor but then again this is not my site. I vary rarely visit when I am on my computer. I do wish they would open it for argument sometimes but hey, perhaps it is the yuppie nuremberg effect? They wanna make money, that appears to be the bottom line of the mods.

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@PnL: thanks for the kudos…

So now that I just outed myself,

@judochop: “They wanna make money, that appears to be the bottom line of the mods.”

I’m curious as to why you perceive that to be the case? [If you want the the honest truth, read PnL’s post above]

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are you telling me they don’t make money by being PC?

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I’ve only had one question removed and I understood the reason they did it, so I didn’t get angry about it. In my case, they explained why they did it and gave me a chance to change my question into something acceptable.

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@judochop: yes we mods are not paid to moderate. Admins however, are co-owners and do have a vested interest as the proprietors of the site…they do a lot more than moderate and deserve whatever profits are due them…as they are the gods of Fluther.

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let me rephrase: you work for the “gods” thus wanting to keep your job alot gets removed. I personally do not care and honestly, being in the business that I am in I would want a lot removed from here if I was paying for advertising.

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@judochop- I’m speaking on behalf of the other moderators here, but we (moderators) are not held to quotas or other incentives for helping maintain the quality of the site, other than the goal of helping make the user experience the best it can be. I believe that Fluther is a place of value and integrity to me, and my support as a moderator is offered in the spirit of altruism; I see my role here as more of an avocation than a job.

I think it’s arrogant and myopic to conclude that the bottom line is the sole motivation for wanting to maintain the quality of the site, but that’s an argument that’s out of my court-you can speak with the admins if you want to ask them about it.

Now I’m done here.

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i usually deserve it when one of mine get moderated.

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If a question is removed it is for good reason.

The Mods look at each question from a broad perspective- unlike most of us as we ask the question.

What might be a simple question asked by one could be taken as insulting or inflamatory to another as it is worded.

No- I do not take of personally and am glad the mods ” have my back” checking that I am not misunderstood.

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I got one deleted along with a nice note. I simply hadn’t been thinking when I posted a lovely little charity that sends treated mosquito netting to people in African countries for $10 a pop. Clearly, I was pimping a site, albeit a worthy one, but it didn’t belong on Fluther.

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It makes Babo very sad.
I run away and hide for days.

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@ sndfreq – you are welcome of course. i didn’t know you are a mod! way to go!
@ babo – your avatar is SO cute. I just want to hug it.
@ asker – i just got my first question removed by the mods and i couldn’t be happier!!! it was a duplicate and i was feeling rather idiotic about it but of course i didn’t think about flagging it. But someone spotted it within minutes and removed it and i got this cool email from fluther about it!

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I had one deleted unfairly and without good reason. I sent a private comment to the mod to discuss it, and he apologized and said he would put it back. Don’t forget, mods are people too, and even they can make mistakes.

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Can the mods in the chat room get some love? They pay us in cock-punches. Really, they punch our cocks every two weeks. Delirium gets garlic bread and a hot stone massage because she has a vagina. The system is total bullshit.

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What was that response… you want cries with that?

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The only time it really frustrates me is when I ask what I think is a great question and have it removed only to find a truly ridiculous question was left on the website. Why me? Why not them? It irks me.

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Think about Cak and try to put this issue into proportion.

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@ItalianPrincess1217 Because the mods are human beings who have lives to take care of just like you (kids, work, school, etc.). We are not on 24/7, and some things slip through the cracks. Do you want us to apologize for being human beings?

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@omfgTALIjustIMDu No apology needed. I love the sarcasm though. Truly professional.

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@ItalianPrincess1217: What sarcasm? I read that ^^as two statements of fact and one reasonable query.

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Listen, I have better things to do with my time than be ganged up on or argue about something ridiculous and insignificant. All I did was answer the question that was asked. That’s what this website is for. If you don’t like my responses, don’t read my posts. It’s a free world and I’m entitled to have my own personal opinion. Good day.

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Not until this moment. I posted a question that read “Who’d a thunk this would work on a dog!?” and in the details I explained how I’ve been at my wits end to get one of my dogs to stop barking so much. Last week I hit on the idea of praising the OTHER dog, who doesn’t bark, for not barking at those times….and it really seems to have worked. I ended the question with a question to you all on psychology working on animals as well as humans, and asking what you thought made it work.

Well, the Q got modded for the original question because it didn’t give enough information as to what the details were about, which didn’t surprise me, so I changed the question to “Who would have thought reverse psychology would work on a dog?”......And it went MIA. As far as I can tell, it was a perfectly valid, thought provoking question especially after I changed it. And further, it even got a GQ before it disappeared. I seriously protest that.

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