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Is he possibly anoyed?

Asked by baby_love (5points) December 16th, 2012

Ok this is gonna be pretty long. So last month I told my bestfriend about this guy that is soo cute but I don’t have for any classes but i always see everywhere on campus. She told me I should talk to him but I was too shy. i had him as a friend on facebook so she said since your shy you should messge him on facebook & I didn’t think that was a bad idea. So I message him hey(: but he just saw the message but didn’t reply. I got all sad so I told my bestfriend and she goes to a different school than me so she asked for his name she wanted to see what he looked like. So I was like sure. I gave her his name and she saw him. Then I kinda got over the thing and I told my bestfriend I was kind if over it & she responded like oopps then she told me when i gave her his name she messaged him saying i have a crush on him. I was like nooo. But i also got over those things.After that me and my bestfriend were talking on the phone and I was on the run to reply to my other friend replying kk my internet was lagging and i did not notice i sent the cute guy the message. I was sad ! He always looks at me now all his friends dodo to what can this mean? & he checked me out once and smiled my friend caught him. I would appreciate if you answered my question thanks . (:

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I’m curious – how old are you? Why would your friend message him like that? That’s awful. After middle school, no one should ever pull the “my friend like totally thinks you’re cute” thing. That’s really immature.

I would just leave it alone before you make it any worse. He hasn’t made any attempt to talk to you, so there’s no indication he likes you back. You said you got over it, so just move. No one here will know what he’s thinking, as we don’t know him.

Oh, and find better friends.

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He’s probably flattered that you like him, and he could have told all his friend’s about the message too. So perhaps they all know about it. But if you’re over it, then don’t worry about it. If not, then you could approach him and just tell him it was your friend who did it. But either way, it should be fine after after a bit.

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You may not care for my advice. You may not even understand it. But here it is anyway.

Get over this ‘shy’ nonsense. Talk to the boy. Go out of your way to smile at him and say hello. Hell, tell him you like him if you can work up your nerve to do that.

When you look back at your life in forty or fifty years (and with the least bit of luck, you will almost certainly do that), you should not be regretting all of “the chances not taken”. If he doesn’t like you and doesn’t respond, then so be it. If he laughs in your face, then you’ll know that you don’t have to regret any more not knowing such an ass. If he maybe likes you, but won’t smile back at you, then he’s too timid, and you don’t need that, either.

But maybe he would like you if he only got to know you, and he doesn’t know any more about you so far than others have (maybe) told him.

Don’t be the person who regrets all the people she could have met and befriended – or loved – in a half-century. Take the damn chance and put yourself out there. Yes, you risk rejection. Take that chance. Rejection is easier to get over with – and you will get over it – than regret. You may never get over regret, and it sucks.

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