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(Long): Can you recommend some movies to me, based off of the movies and TV that I like?

Asked by poisonedantidote (21638points) December 16th, 2012

I think this is the 3rd or 4th time I have asked this question, every time I ask I get given great movies to watch.

I do use websites that track my likes and ratings and dislikes, but I still find people make much better judges of taste.

Seeing as I get such good results, I thought I would provide a little more information this time, and also invite you to provide your favorite movies and dislikes, so that others may @yourname recommend things to suit your tastes, and maybe if we are lucky we can get a big collection of names of good movies to watch.

So, here goes… based on the movies and TV shows that I like, can you recommend any movies or perhaps other TV shows I would like?

What are your top favorite movies, and what movies do you like?

All Time Top 5 Favorite Movies:

-Fight Club
-Forest Gump
-Leon (The Professional)
-The Usual Suspects

Favorite Sci-Fi Movies:

-Star Trek (all of them)
-The Sphere
-The Man From Earth
-Mars Attacks
-Starship Troopers

Favorite Action Movies:

-Rambo (First Blood)
-Die Hard With A Vengeance
-Enter The Dragon

Favorite Comedy Movies:

-Monty Python: The Holy Grail
-Anger Management
-About Mary
-8 Heads In A Duffel Bag

Favorite “Alternative?” Movies:

-Being John Malkovich
-Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas
-Lava UK Made – Hard to find.
-Pulp Fiction

Favorite “Bad” Movies:

-Water World
-Blair Witch Project
-The Lawnmower Man
-Lost In Space

Honorable Mention/Other:

-American Beauty
-As Good As It Gets
-You’ve Got Mail
-I Love You Philip Morris
-About Schmidt
-Of Mice And Men
-The Matrix (1)
-Full Metal Jacket
-The Thing
-The Lord Of The Rings
-Silence Of The Lambs
-Dawn Of The Dead
-My Cousin Vinnie
-The Truman Show

Most Disliked Movies:

-District 9
-The Lovely Bones
-Patch Adams
-Human Centipede (1)
-The New Star Trek Movie
-2001 A Space Odyssey

TV: Star Trek, Red Dwarf, Frasier, Big Bang Theory, South Park.

So, those are my likes and disliked moves, and my favorite TV shows, can you recommend any good movies?

What are your favorites and dislikes?

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Have you seen The Avengers? It was good.

Still in theatres, but Skyfall was great.

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Law Abiding Citizen
The Green Mile
The Butterfly Effect
Inside Man
Just Go With It
I Love You Man

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Cinderella Man
Shawshank Redemption

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Second the Green Mile and Butterfly Effect.
Lord of War was especially good.
Notice you have a couple of Stanley Kubrik films. One on either side, how about Dr Strangelove And how I came to love the atomic bomb.
For a comedy you might find you love the Producers. A musical irreverant satire about Hitler.

For a B movie I would recommend Army of Darkness.

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I have absolutely no idea. They are very varied.

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Mission Impossible (1)
Blade Runner
AI: Artificial Intelligence
Inglorious Basterds
Reservoir Dogs
Out Of Sight
War of the Worlds
Minority Report
The Big Lebowski

and, sorry, but give 2001 A Space Odyssey another chance. It is genius, and you dislike list is soooo close to mine.

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@filmfann mystified by Space Odyssey 2001. Not in a man that is mind blowing way either.. One question why

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@filmfann I used to like 2001, it was a good movie, but I find that when watching it again today, it drags. It is painfully slow by modern standards.

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Can I add a Scanner Darkly, Thank you For Smoking?
And if @filmfann goes with your Tarentino nod I would say Death Proof.

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Since you have seen all those you listed, it would make sense to me for you to be the one to extract what they have in common and then just tell us. We are not in the best position to figure out what you liked about them. But if you say, for example, “fast-moving, with lots of mystery, suspense, and action,” that might produce one set of suggestions, and “strong characterizations and well-written dialogue with universal themes and magical elements” would produce another.

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@Jeruba Good point, perhaps I can explain.

Fight Club I like because it appeals to the anarchist in me, I find it poetic in its narration, and I like that it has a dark yet tone, yet accepts and embraces the darkness of the situation. I think it is an original story, and well acted.

Leon is similar in taste to Fight Club for me, in that it is also a story that is dark, about a killer, who leads a miserable waste of a life, yet accepts it. Again it is well acted, and has an interesting story.

I also like the movie, Very Bad Things, and 8 Heads In A Duffel Bag, that also have a dark element to them. So this is one thing that I like, that can be found in quite a few of the movies I mentioned.

The comedy Bowfinger, is similar in taste again to Fight Club for me, in that the humor in Bowfinger is based on a big prank, a trick. It has an element of chaos to it, as Fight Club has that chaotic anarchy thing going on.

So, I think there is an element of mischief and chaos that I like to many of my movies. Again, 8 Heads In A Duffel Bag, people running round an airport with heads in a bag, quite chaotic.

So, I would say I like movies that have a dark touch to them, or that are quite dark. I also like chaos, mischief and anything that would be against the system,

I also look for good dialog, original non formula stories, and good acting.

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Why can’t I hold all these pleb tastes
You might like Layer Cake

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Oh I noticed you like “The Thing”. Have you seen Videodrome? Long live the new flesh!

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Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels
Boogie Nights
28 Days Later
Shaun of the Dead
The Foot Fist Way – unless you hate Danny McBride

The Hudsucker Proxy. I noticed you have no Coen brothers flicks on your list – possibly they are too slow, or you are not a fan of dark humor? Hudsucker steps outside the usual Coen structure – it is more sweet and straightforwardly funny, while retaining the characteristic quirkiness. My guess is that it would be a good way to break into liking the Coen brothers’ stuff if you never did before. On the other hand, if you do like dark humor and are ok with putting up with a movie that has non-action build-up in parts, you can go straight for the hard stuff with Barton Fink.

Moonrise Kingdom. You don’t have anything from Wes Andersen on your list, either, so again I offer what I think is probably the easiest of his movies to love – but not, this time, because this is the movie that departs the most from the director’s usual style. Quite the opposite – I think Andersen did his very best work with this most recent film.

I can give you many more suggestions if you are open to Japanese media; most of my favorite movies and TV come from there.

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I think you would really like Kick-Ass.

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Assassins – ( Sylvester Stallone and Antonio Banderas )
Ninja Assassin – ( Rain / Naomi Harris )
The Crying Freeman – ( Mark Dacascos ) link on full movie in Youtube here.
Heist – Gene Hackman ( link on pretty interesting quotes from the movie here. )
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels ( Steve Martin and Michael Caine )
House of Games ( Joe Mantegna )

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You said you disliked 2001 a space odyssey, many people did, but since you like sci-fi, I recommend 2010 a Space Odyssey if you have not seen it.

The Bourne Identity (I highly recommend this when looking at your list).
Avengers (someone mentioned that above).
I just saw We Bought. Zoo, and it is a tear jerker that both my husband and I really liked.
Shawshank Redemption (one of the greats of all time in the US)

The TV series Fringe is awesome. Kind of present day Sci-fi. Has some humour and some tender moments. It is in it’s last season now, but the early seasons should be available.

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Based on your explanation on your likes, I add Dark City.

2001 is a very slow film, but not all stories happen in rapid fire action. 2001 shows the evolution of Man and War into Political Lying into Zenophobia, and finally death at the hands of our creations. Early in the film, the signal is sent to Jupiter, and Man is faced with the challenge of discovering what it means.

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Okay, given that movie watching is a very personal experience with wide margins of variable tastes, then recommending any isn’t going to be an exact science, much like attempting to alter someone’s opinion on any given film.
I’m thinking your fave lists should offer up your own extensive list of satisfactory options, where one fits, others are sure to follow.

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We seem to share many likes and dislikes. I like 2001 overall, but you’re right, it is slow. I keep wondering if I’ll like the book better, but I never get around to digging it out of my Sci-Fi paperback shelf (it’s a cube of three rows, three deep, and I’m pretty sure that book is in the bottom back)

Are you into foreign films at all? that is, are you not opposed to reading subtitles?
I love “Hyper Violence” style and other Asian horror movies.
-Battle Royale (suck it, Hunger Games.)
-Ichi the Killer
-I Saw the Devil
-A Tale of Two Sisters
-Thirst (I don’t really consider this horror. It’s a love story about a vampire, but as far from Twilight as humanly possible. I loved this movie immensely.)

Not horror at all, but I do recommend the Death Note movies. I was never into the anime or the manga, but I really enjoyed the characters as played in the live action films. I recommend seeing them in the order made: Death Note, Death Note 2, and waiting until then to see L.

Leaving Asia, I will move to Scandinavia.
-Please, please, PLEASE watch the Swedish film adaptation of the fantastic novel “Let the Right One In”. I implore you to completely ignore the Hollywood recreation, which adapts from the Swedish film, cleans it up for American audiences, ignores the novel entirely, and completely loses the heart of the story.
-Likewise, I really enjoyed the film adaptation of the Girl with a Dragon Tattoo books, and beg you to ignore the American version (and basically anything that Daniel Craig makes an appearance in).

OK, back to English language.
-I agree with I believe it was @filmfannMachete is pretty awesome. It’s not really my genre, but I did love that film.
-It’s old, but if you’ve never seen Soylent Green – watch it. Now.
-Children of Men. Also an adaptation of a novel, but it does take the story in a completely different direction. Both are great, and different enough that you can enjoy them separately.
– Romero. Diary of the Dead. Seriously. Yes, it’s crap, but it’s good crap. Not serious cinema stuff, but good “it’s Friday night and I want some beer and a movie” stuff.
– Also, Survival of the Dead. Same as above. Yay, stupid zombie films! with real zombies, not genetically enhanced UberDead!
-Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang was fun.
-Taken is great. I love to see Liam Neeson kick ass. Haven’t watched the sequel, but I’m generally opposed to paying for sequels.
-I know you will, but please go see The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.
-The Prestige and The Illusionist. Both fantastic in their own way, I have to list them at the same time. I couldn’t choose a favourite between them.
-I’m not a terribly huge Brad Pitt fan, but his best work is done in Kalifornia. And if I may add, David Duchovny. He’s enough reason for me to watch anything, really

There’s an animated-over-live-action mindfuck movie that I would LOVE to recommend to you, but I can’t effing remember the title. I saw it on Netflix about five years ago. Stay tuned, I’ll probably shoot up out of a sound sleep and remember it.

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@Seek_Kolinahr The most underrated response of the year. Since we’re talking about Miike, I would also recommend 13 assassins. I also recommend “Sword of Doom”, a movie about an amoral samurai.

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I haven’t seen 13 Assassins yet, but I have my feelers out for a copy of the DVD. I’m looking forward to it. ^_^

Adding Sword of Doom to the list.

Also, I would recommend “Dumplings” if you’re not too squeamish. Watch the short in Three Extremes before you see the full-length version; they are similar but different stories.

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This is quite interesting, the recommendations seem much more precise than what certain websites recommend.

Out of all the movies mentioned so far, I would out of the ones mentioned that I have actually seen, I did in fact enjoy most of them.

Some of them I have not seen, and will certainly look up. Thanks

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There are some great Australian films but some of them are quite violent.

Animal Kingdom

Both violent and very dark.

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@Seek_Kolinahr 13 Assassins is terrific! I love Takahashi Miike, especially Audition. I should add that Sukiaki Western Django was a minor effort.

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