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(Long): Can you recommend some movies to me, based off of the movies and TV that I like?

Asked by poisonedantidote (21611points) December 16th, 2012

I think this is the 3rd or 4th time I have asked this question, every time I ask I get given great movies to watch.

I do use websites that track my likes and ratings and dislikes, but I still find people make much better judges of taste.

Seeing as I get such good results, I thought I would provide a little more information this time, and also invite you to provide your favorite movies and dislikes, so that others may @yourname recommend things to suit your tastes, and maybe if we are lucky we can get a big collection of names of good movies to watch.

So, here goes… based on the movies and TV shows that I like, can you recommend any movies or perhaps other TV shows I would like?

What are your top favorite movies, and what movies do you like?

All Time Top 5 Favorite Movies:

-Fight Club
-Forest Gump
-Leon (The Professional)
-The Usual Suspects

Favorite Sci-Fi Movies:

-Star Trek (all of them)
-The Sphere
-The Man From Earth
-Mars Attacks
-Starship Troopers

Favorite Action Movies:

-Rambo (First Blood)
-Die Hard With A Vengeance
-Enter The Dragon

Favorite Comedy Movies:

-Monty Python: The Holy Grail
-Anger Management
-About Mary
-8 Heads In A Duffel Bag

Favorite “Alternative?” Movies:

-Being John Malkovich
-Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas
-Lava UK Made – Hard to find.
-Pulp Fiction

Favorite “Bad” Movies:

-Water World
-Blair Witch Project
-The Lawnmower Man
-Lost In Space

Honorable Mention/Other:

-American Beauty
-As Good As It Gets
-You’ve Got Mail
-I Love You Philip Morris
-About Schmidt
-Of Mice And Men
-The Matrix (1)
-Full Metal Jacket
-The Thing
-The Lord Of The Rings
-Silence Of The Lambs
-Dawn Of The Dead
-My Cousin Vinnie
-The Truman Show

Most Disliked Movies:

-District 9
-The Lovely Bones
-Patch Adams
-Human Centipede (1)
-The New Star Trek Movie
-2001 A Space Odyssey

TV: Star Trek, Red Dwarf, Frasier, Big Bang Theory, South Park.

So, those are my likes and disliked moves, and my favorite TV shows, can you recommend any good movies?

What are your favorites and dislikes?

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