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Do you remember those ads about green no-stick frying pans?

Asked by Sunny2 (18758points) December 16th, 2012

Did you try them? Were they as good as they advertised? I was tempted, but resisted until I could find out how long they lasted.

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One of my roommates had one… I really didn’t like the way it fried food. Not sure if that had anything to do with the coating; it might have been the metals used. But I’m sort of picky about the quality of frying pans in general. I do recall that it was hard to clean. There always seemed to be some thin layer I couldn’t wipe or scrape off.

I would also add… I tend to keep my non-stick pans for decades. Just never use metal or hard plastic utensils, and don’t burn anything on them. As long as you never break the surface of the coating, they won’t wear out.

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I remember the one I saw on TV earlier today…

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I was impressed, my ex husbands brains didn’t stick a bit.
Slid right out after I whacked him. lol sorry, couldn’t resist.

Seriously, I prefer regular teflon, the green stuff eventually peels off and you end up with bits of green plastic stuff in your scrambled eggs.

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@glacial Thanks, I appreciate your sharing.
@livelaughlove21 Good for you!
@Coloma That cinches it. I’m glad I didn’t get one. Bits of green plastic on my bacon is NOT something I’d like to experience!

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The Orgreenic and the blue Yoshi are available at Walmart. I haven’t yet purchased one, but would like to try it. I want to wean away from Teflon.

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I have two Orgreenic pans, and they are awesome. We use them all the time. Haven’t had them for more than six months, though, so I can’t speak to the green flaking off issue. But I suspect that this would not happen on its own, that one would need to use a metal spatula or something on it. Not to impugn @Coloma! – maybe I am incorrect, and your pan only ever felt the touch of a wooden or rubber spatula?

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Orgreenic? Jeez, who names these things?

That was definitely not the brand I used. I think it was just called Green.

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@wildpotato I think mine were the older versions from about 15 years ago. They didn’t wear well, but, who knows? I used plastic utensils on them and wood, but they still started peeling after a couple of years.

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@glacial Haha…..Maybe Greengasmic. :-p

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Well, now I’m perplexed, again. I think I’ll ask again next year. Thanks for all your comments.

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