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What do you see when you look in the mirror?

Asked by mazingerz88 (18967points) December 16th, 2012

What do you see? Better yet, who do you see? Is he or she still familiar, or more like a stranger now, more than ever before? Do you like what he does or how she does things whenever the mirror is not there? Do you whisper to it or is it the other away around? Who is really looking at who?

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I see bright eyes and my award winning smile, but my bushy tail is getting bigger and some days, when my allergies are bad, the bright eyed look is replaced with what I call “lizard eyes.” lol I do like the woman in the mirror, but middle age is a fickle thing. Some days I still look 35 and others 83. haha

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I see the most undesirable person on Earth.

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a beau mec. for the first time ever. it feels really nice. I look the way I should have looked when I was 16.

@mrentropy : You know that mirrors can lie sometimes, right?

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I see a middle aged man striving to grow up.

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@Hawaii_Jake Grow up? Really…do we have to?
I think life should unfold backwards like Benjiman Button. haha

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You are referencing disassociating? I used to commonly disassociate. The thing in the mirror was a curiosity.

Fascinating really, who is this body and image and why am I stuck in it. More often what do I actually look like.

Now I think I can connect with the image most of the time though I have mastered the looking without seeing thing.

Not that I feel guilty or particularly ugly. More like I am simply not proud of me. I have little actual self belief.

@mrentropy what a judgemental and mean thing to say about yourself. I am told you have to be kind to yourself.

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@Coloma I like to think that I can retain some innocence while still maturing. It is fun to be child-like at times, but I really do like being grown up.

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Milo here: Sometimes this

and sometimes this

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So Milo sees a very sexy kitten.

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Oo, Milo, oo la la!

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Did you buy that Milo pillow, or did you make it yourself?
Very cute.

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I see the ravages of 35 years in a physical job, good food, and self hatred.

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Depends on the day.
I see sadness sometimes. Mostly I just see a lack of sleep. But sometimes I’m like “awe, I’m cute!”
I see a lot of red hair, and the Pendergrass nose. Sometimes I smile at myself.
Mainly I see that sexy beast in my Fluther photo. :)

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I see the need for a bigger mirror.
and, strangely, Milo, in the distance, behind me… laughing

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I do try to match up the man in the mirror with the most recent picture of me and the wrinkles and thinning hair I am genetically programmed to ignore.

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A handsome devil, as well as an electric razor and toothpaste.

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I say, yes I know. I’m old, wrinkled, bald headed and ugly. 62 years have not been kind to me. I try not to dwell on it much. C’est la vie.

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Someone 15 years or so younger than I am; attractive, big smile and twinkling eyes; in quite reasonable shape physically. I tend not to see the wrinkles that are forming, but I’m definitely getting shorter. What are you going to do? It’s called aging, ready or not!

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An empty room.

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Flames. Burning bones.

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I don’t know…my reflection never appears in mirrors. let me in

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Right now, I see myself slowly shrinking. I lost 5kg in a month, unintentionally. I see my clothes hanging off of me, a thinner face. Not sure where it going to stop because I got a stomach bug this weekend and lost another half kilo. I haven’t been this thin since high school and that was over 20 years ago. I also feel a bad habit of mine that I thought I got rid of in my 20’s re-emerging and it feels a bit scary.

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Nothing that I like.
@mrentropy your mirror is full of shit.

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Reasons to be humble and the wall behind me.

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My reflection & various soft furnishings that happen to be situated close by, oh & my front door, only the keys appear to be on the opposite side than they do in reality…..weird.

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I see a reflection of myself. Overall quite all right. Not the best lookin guy, but still not too bad either.

I like who I am. Don’t have much choice… change me or like me. Any other choice would make me unhappy.

There are things to be improved, but I hate perfect people anyway.


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This exact question was asked of me several years ago, and it was an eye-opener to me. I mentioned it in this post about the most enlightening question one had ever been asked.

Nowadays, I see a happy, cute but frumpy middle-aged woman. I still carry the physical baggage of decades of low self-esteem resulting in abuse and neglect through overeating and a sedentary, depressed lifestyle. A couple years ago, I made good progress in getting more fit and lost about 40 pounds. But I have since fallen in love with a man who loves to cook, and we’ve both put some weight on. The good news is that the new hospital-affiliated fitness center opens this week! I am looking forward to getting back into better shape, to feeling stronger and less tired.

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A man, finally.

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I see someone who is not unattractive but not quite the way I want her to be.

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