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Who would be your Jacob Marley?

Asked by filmfann (44461points) December 16th, 2012

Marley was the dead partner of Scrooge. In A Christmas Carol, it is Marley wearing many chains who warns Scrooge of the coming of three ghosts who will try to change him.

Who would you want to come from the great beyond, to warn you of what you have wrought, and what lies ahead?
It could be a relative, a friend, a teacher, or some random celebrity.
Who would you have visit you on that coldest of nights?

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My father. I can just see him with all the chains, but his chains wouldn’t be made of lock boxes and financial things. His would be made of clocks of various kinds. He’d warn me that there wasn’t as much time left as I think there is and I should consider that in making any decisions I make.

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My band leader. Of all the people I knew who died, he is the one I miss the most. Besides which, it would be so cool to talk to him. He was so hip, you couldn’t really understand him. There’s a good chance I’d have no idea what he was saying.

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Who better to heed then yourself. This presents a problem as I would be dead. But not insurmountable. Ie time travelers wife, ok a little out of context but it works.

Whose life and foillibles do you know better then your own. Also you have to be able not only to overcome doubt and disbelief but have to be a person whose insight you value.

If not allowed I might choose a person of power who is headed down the wrong track. Most likely to influence the lives of the most people.

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My grandmother. She was a no-nonsense but very affectionate woman with a lot of regrets in her own life. She’d set me straight, in a kind and loving way.

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Like @augustlan I would want to see my grandmother in that role. I sometimes feel she’s still nearby watching over me.

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My dad died a while ago, but that would be kinda cool if he could still visit me. Except I don’t know, might be kind of creepy to have my dad popping up in ghost form going, wooooo stop drinking beeeeeer ya heard, offspriiiiing?
But he always had good advice about a lot of things. Not that I ever listened to that much of it back in the day, but I recognize it now, so no doubt he’d have good things to tell me. Plus I miss him lol.

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I love the way you felt the need to describe who Marley was, like no…...really?
If it’s from the “great beyond” then i’m picking Barry White, but only because bad news is best delivered in a voice that would give even a straight man a semi, rough with the smooth & all that.

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^^ Ha Ha Ha LOL!

How am I going to get that image out of my head?

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I’m guessing Barry’s chains would carry more of the “bling factor.”

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