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If you were to give into your naughty impulses, what would you do?

Asked by wundayatta (58586points) December 16th, 2012

In the naughty or nice question, a bunch of people said they wanted to be naughty. This made me wonder what they wanted to do, but weren’t doing, because they were nice. I mean, for real, would anyone else think it was naughty? Or are people just flattering themselves?

So here’s your chance to prove you really are naughty. If you were to give in to your naughty impulses, what would you do?

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I would tell my son and his wife exactly what I think.

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I would drink a Red Bull energy drink and or drink some coffee. I love the smell of coffee. I like to go into a Starbucks just to smell the coffee then leave without buying anything. I had to give up such caffeinated beverages 12 years ago.

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I was naughty when I was 19 and it landed me in jail for 1½ days, with an added 5 years probation. My idea of naughty now that I’m almost 42 is eating a whole carton of ice cream.

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I would ditch all the finals I have to do, ditch this crazy, mixed-up Christmas with too many wants, demands and expectations for me to meet—(someone IS going to get hurt) :-( and go on a 2 week vacation. But that’s fantasy.

In reality, I’d just like to cuddle in front of the TV for a full day. Just one day.

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Hmm nice is so bland and tame. It speaks of restraint and courtesy. Always regarding someone else before acting. It requires editing.

Naughty is a much more intriguing term. It sounds better rolls off the tongue puts a sparkle in people’s eye. Not tie. Not tied down by culture and gravity rules and laws. A free flowing stream of conciousness.

So naughty to me would be defying conventions, living solely for myself. If I want to be selfish or unedited where would I start? Freeing the sword of a tongue that penetrates people wounds them?

Not going to work when required. Making my own schedule. Being impulsive. Taking a chance and acting out on a minor flirtation. Running when I feel like running. Defying my own body. Speaking out for what I believe.

All these things I can do. But with in moderation forethought to time and place.

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Naughty? What’s that? It’s been so long since I have let myself be naughty that I have no idea what I’d do.

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I would play hooky from work far more often and maybe get up to more naughty (but nice) things while I was supposed to be working.

Sex outdoors sounds like fun…not enough (the outdoors part) of that going on around here.

Oh I would tell the Hare Krishnas next door what I really think of their meetings with very loud chanting. I might even set up my own sound system and play music (I use the word loosely because their chanting shared through a PA system cannot be called music) that they would hate very loudly.

Lots of things. Things I think about doing but know would get me into trouble.

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If I were naughty I would state more explicitly and when I barely know the woman, what kind of sex I’d like to have with them. Not loudly, and just as much to pleasure them, but much more upfront.

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I’d probably get a lot of dirty looks. Society isn’t ready for the truth.

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Write very good porn. I think I would be marketable, infinitely better and more imaginative than 50 Shades, but I would have a big problem explaining to my family what I did for a living.

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I’d slap a few people around the head and shout at them.

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Get my ass drunk to no end! but gotta watch it, likes

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My hands would fondle around 387 tits every single day hour, minute.

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I would consume all of creation.

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I’d be in bed with someone right now.

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There would be more pinching and petting.

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I’m at work so my true idea of naughty is not something I would want to describe at this time.

A “safe for work” naughty would be probably shopping impulsively for something expensive that I don’t need or taking some time off from work, unplanned, to take a little trip somewhere.

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Aw, man, I was seeing some NSFW potential here, but no such luck. :)

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@livelaughlove21 You could be the first to show how far you are willing to go.

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Well, I gave into my impulses and had some naughty sex this weekend…

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@bookish1 (.......?) more details to follow :/

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Yes, those of us who can’t quite remember what it was like would love to be offered hope. Is sex real? Or just a popular rumor?

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@burntbonez Yes it is real. I have two kids and enjoyed having sex both times.
I might even do it again some time.

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@Shippy : Too many details would be dangerous, but I had sex with yet another friend. It must be one of my secret powers.

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I’m at work too, but screw it.

Truly naughty? It involves rope, pain, a good delicious, achingly attractive friend who I quite frankly would love to have my way with and then pretend nothing ever happened.

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Oh, anything I wanted….and I could be pretty naughty if I let myself…lol

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Something kinky.

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I’d eat all the vegetables I wanted, starting with an entire steamed red cabbage.

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Cookies. LOTS of cookies.
But then I’d end up in a diabetic coma, so probably not

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