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Party time! Care to "dabble" your feet? ;-)

Asked by harple (10441points) December 17th, 2012

Congratulations Dabbler! You’ve asked just 9 questions, but contributed so much with 2550 answers – wowser!

Thanks for being here!

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Big time congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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You’ve dabbled long enough to become quite the expert! Congratultions!

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Congratulations, @dabbler.

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Congratulations, @dabbler. Apparently, you have more than dabbled at Fluther.

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Yay @dabbler! One of the higher life forms swimming in the brackish undertow of doh. :-)
Always thoughtful and philosophical contributions to the pod.

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Nice job! Congratulations. Keep in dabbling.

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Congratulations!!! Glad you’re here!

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Congratulations, Dabbler!

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P A W R T Y !

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Congrats Dab! and just 25 more lurve and harple will be there with you!

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@dabbler I see you’re still breathing – even with the windows closed.
Congrats on the 10k.

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I can certainly dabble in congratulating such a prolific answer machine on having accrued 10K Lurve. Welcome to the mansion, @dabbler.

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@dabbler would fit right in over here…he/she can go ” muddling & puddling” with the geezers.

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Hearty congratulations and thank you for your input, and for being on Fluther :)

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I’ve literally no idea who they are, not once can I recall an encounter with this person.
For that reason alone, or perhaps despite it, congrats you stealthy bugger!!

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Always good to see your ‘dabbling’. Well done on your first 10K dabbler. I feel sure there are many more to follow.

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Very best wishes on you 10K achievement. There’s a special contemplation room waiting for you in the mansion. It isn’t exclusively for you, but you’ll enjoy the company.

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Congrats on the 10k, @dabbler welcome to the mansion!

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* * * Y * A * Y * * * CONGRATULATIONS ! ! ! GOOD WORK ! ! ! * * * Y * A * Y * * *

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Congrats, dabbler! You’re a great jelly. :)

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Congratulations! Party time. It’s been a long time since the last party so all the food and drinks are fresh. The pool is still open and the band is revving up to welcome @dabbler in to the mansion.
We are better for having you here. Dabble on!

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CONGRATS! I’m late!

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^^ I’m even later…..Congratulations and welcome to the 10K Mansion.

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congrats. well done. Happy Holidays, Party on!!!

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Congo Rats Dabs! WTFG!

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Woohoo! party!

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A big hearty congratulations and welcome to the Mansion!

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Open the gate, sorry I’m late! Well done Dabbler, let’s continue dabbling in some pre-Xmas fun!!!!!!!!!

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Thank you everybody, for making this the only social media time sink to which I pay any attention! Your thoughtful and thought-provoking posts keep me coming back for more.
Your silly and outlandish ones do that too, come to think of it.

Enough with the formalities, Everybody Into The Pool !! ...and where’s my drinkie?

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@LuckyGuy Indeed, still breathing ! These days I coudl use a Volatile Organic Chemical meter more than one for oxygen, there are several 50-storey buildings in the neighborhood running on 18-wheeler-size generators while they continue repairs following the hurricane.

@Coloma I might get along well with the geezers, if they’re anything like my little amazon. I’d be pretty compatible with your dessert cake of choice, too, and those Sierra foothills.

@ucme I’m one of the people stalking you here, awaiting the possibility your next reply will be another fine off-the-edge notion.

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@dabbler I just noticed we “follow” each other & I see you took no offence, as none was intended & you seem to know me fairly well, i’m going to say congrats again…just because I can.

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I’m not late, I’m making an entrance!

As is tradition in my parties, late night signature cocktail:

Irish coffee for everyone!

Congrats, Dabbler!

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Good for you, Dabbler. Congratulations.

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@ucme No offense taken in the slightest, clumsy of me to suggest that.
“Stalking”, as if in serious birding, looking forward to the next sighting.

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@Seek_Kolinahr That looks yummy, indeed!

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Congratulations I really like the ratio of question to answers, it reveals a lot about the quality of answers you hand out.


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