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Don't you just love geek speak?

Asked by ETpro (34428points) December 17th, 2012

Today’s emails included one with the highly oxymoronic subject line: “Ending Complexity with a Hyperconverged, Virtual Infrastructure”. What could possibly be less complex than a hyperconverged virtual infrastructure? I mean, it beats complex stuff like sliced bread and butter knives hands down, doesn’t it? What are your favorite examples of geek speak gone wild?

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I like it when people talk as simply as possible and no, not because I am dumb. I just don’t want to think hard to figure out what the person is saying. I know words I don’t use because a lot of people I am around (other housekeepers) don’t know what they mean. I would just seem like I am showing off.

Then again, there are people who know words that I don’t, and when they throw around big words I feel like asking them what they mean and when they tell me saying “Then why didn’t you just say that in the first place.”

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“Enterprise in the Cloud”—it just sounds so big and heavenly! Much nicer than a “cold boot.”

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I don’t have an examples of “geek speak gone wild”... but I absolutely love geek speak if the geek knows what he’s speaking of and doesn’t mind that I more than likely don’t understand a word he’s saying.
Geek speak is like French or Celtic to me. I don’t understand it or speak but find it very sexy and absolutely love hearing it.

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@JenniferP I’ll take the time to look up a strange word when I run across it in print. But like you, if it could have been said in simpler, more understandable terms without losing its exact meaning, then shame on the writer. And spoken language needs to be understandable to the entire audience that will hear it, because looking up a big word mid speech is seldom a practical option.

@picante Oh I hate cold boots. They seldom end well.

@Ela I can grok that. I have a great deal of patience for geek speak, because it’s often not possible to explain technical concepts without it. Philosophy is similar, but I find a flood of rare terms for philosophical concepts much less sexy. It’s probably because in the end, geeks have to make things actually work, whereas so much of the philosopher’s craft is untestable and what we can test often doesn’t work.

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@bob_ How the hell am I supposed to parse that in a digital world where no equals 0 and zero is no answer at all? ~

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@ETpro There are 10 kinds of people: those who understand binary and those who don’t.

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I understand more than I think I should because of being married to a geek, although I usually only understand it in context.
Some of it is required because of the lack of other appropriate words, but like @JenniferP and
@ETpro have said, sometimes when in the company of people without the background it’s better to use words which are more appropriate. Sometimes (for me, anyway!) I only understand an occasional word and just nod and smile until I can run and get a dictionary!

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