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How do I access my old iTunes account from my new computer?

Asked by janbb (51205points) December 17th, 2012

For some reason iTunes totally flummoxes me. I got a new computer but still have the old one live. I think I have backed up to both the cloud and the hard drive on the old but am not sure. If I download iTunes to the new computer, will plugging in my phone lose the music on it or will it back up to the new computer? Help!

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First of all… are the computers Mac or PC (or Linux since you like penguins)?

Did you migrate any of your files and account information from the old computer to the new one?

Regardless of your answers to the above, you can load iTunes to your new computer and enter the Apple ID that’s associated with your iPhone. You can have up to 5 computers authorized per Apple ID. See what information it shows before plugging in or syncing your iPhone or iPad.

Also, if you upgraded to the iPhone 5, you should be able to get free phone support from 1–800-My-Apple

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Thank you. I thought of asking you to come over for pizza one night to help with it!

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@janbb- you can always send me a text, too.

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Actually if you pm me or FB me your phone number I might want to. There is something very funky going on with the music.

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