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Can you manage your emotions?

Asked by Highbrow (366points) December 18th, 2012

Joy, shame, anger, sadness…: we are traversed by a multitude of emotions. And sometimes the heart has its reasons which the reason does not comprehend. Are youa ble to stay in control of yourself?

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Your emotions just are what they are. You can acknowledge them or repress them. I think, in some people, like myself, too much repressing of emotions goes on. It’s a form of denial. I understand why people do it but I don’t think it’s good for the soul.

What needs to be “managed” is the reaction to the emotion. That is what needs to be kept under control.

That said, I am very good at managing my emotions.I’m good at keeping them at bay so I can cope when they become overwhelming. It’s the only thing you can do sometimes. You can’t let yourself fall all to pieces. Life gives you various trials, stresses, disappointments. I just hope that in the dulling of emotions necessary sometimes in order to cope, I don’t deaden myself to joy and the ability to really feel and trust in happiness.

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No, I still need to work on it. I’m an INFP and a Virgo and a very, very sensitive soul.

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@bookish1 That’s interesting that you say that. I’m INTJ. I’m also very sensitive but perhaps my analytical style of thinking allows me the distance from my emotions needed to cope better. It becomes easier with practice too, I think. I am also a Virgo! :)

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For the most part yes. I am not a super sensitive type, but…. my tolerance for stupidity and aimless small talk is low. I am avoiding a friend/aquaintence right now because they are a complaining type at times and I just don’t have the patience to listen to what they consider worthy of whining about. This person is an extremely rigid and anal type and any little thing that puts the tiniest glitch in their plans or routine is met with extreme annoyance.
This week it is gasp…the boyfriend has the week off and HOW will she possibly be able to clean her house and wrap gifts with him hanging around?


Is this really what you consider a problem to whine about?
Jesus, vacuum around his feet while he sits on the couch and go off to your room to wrap gifts. The stuff some people get their panties in a twist over! lol

I’m afraid I might just snap at her if I have to hear about all the petty things she gets upset about. Drives me nuts! haha

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@Earthgirl : Innaresting indeed! Virgo fistbump. I often feel like I have no way to get distance from my emotions, and I have never been good at this “dulling of emotions” that you wrote of. I think having such a sensitive temperament and also being emotionally abused as a child and adolescent to the tune of “Your emotions don’t matter/are ridiculous” was a major contributing factor. The best I’ve been able to do is just acknowledge them and remind myself that they are temporary.

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I am very, very good at suppressing anger.
I have never felt the need to suppress any other emotion.

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Can you?

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Of course managing your emotions can be done in a good or a bad way. I was just thinking of how my biggest challenge lies in dealing with feelings of rejection. I don’t do well with those feelings. My coping mechanism for that is withdrawal. I withdraw into myself so I can’t get hurt. That is a negative thing and ironically cuts me off from people even further.I need to find a new way of managing those feelings. It’s hard because I am very sensitive.

@bookish1 The abuse you suffered must make it very difficult. I feel for you. I always think that having nurturing parents gives a person so much resilience in life. It gives you a core security to fall back on that others less fortunate do not have.

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I’ve gotten pretty good at it over the years.

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I can control my emotions. I do not believe this is good. I think it keeps me from understanding myself and my desires. I think it keeps me from having a fulfilling relationship. But I was raised to believe that emotions were chaotic and disastrous and that you should always use your intellect to make decisions. Not like Spock, exactly, but definitely in that ball park.

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More or less.

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