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So the world is ending Friday, what must you absolutely get done before it's all over?

Asked by SuperMouse (30772points) December 18th, 2012

What do you have hanging over you head that really needs to be done before the end of the world? Is the bathroom a mess, give the kitchen a new coat of paint, a dash off letter to your high school friend, get the dog groomed? What is it that must get done before this Friday’s apocalypse.

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Get in a better mood.

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~~ Get laundry done and run around and do the dusting. JK

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P90X-Plyometrics (tonight), Chest and Back (Wed) , KenpoX (Thursday). I’ll do Shoulders and Arms on Friday, assuming there is time.

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Have as much fun as possible.

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Buy toilet paper. Watch Dexter season 7. What the..Debra sitting there with all his “collection” and are they really going to hook up?! Too much! Too much! Aw gawd. And maybe also watch The Hobbit again. I look forward to dying if it’s really happening. Just so to see my grandfather again and beloved aunt who just died of cancer. And if I could, look for that shitfuck Adam Lanza and scream at his face how ugly and pathetic looking he is alive and that he is nothing but a squiggling worm in a little piece of shit in a maggot’s ass.

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I have to build a huge pillow fort.

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The Bible says “No one knows the day or the hour.” The Mayan calendar has nothing to do with the Bible’s prophecies.

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I will sleep in late, again. I wish somebody would put up the rest of my Christmas lights.

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@JenniferP you could play along for those of us who don’t take every word of the Bible as gospel. :o) See what I did there? The gospels are in the Bible!

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I’ll be donating all my pillows to @Symbeline‘s endeavor. (Should have done that already. I don’t love them nearly as much as she does.)

Eat my beautiful golden pineapple before it goes bad.

Take one last shot of T. Delicious legally prescribed steroids.

I just heard back from Frenchy, so I will die a happy man.

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@YARNLADY I love putting up Christmas lights! : )

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@SuperMouse Okay. I moved into my new apartment recently and I need to organize things so my apartment will be neat when Armageddon comes.

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Yeah, but is it happening at the beginning of Friday or the end of Friday? Friday in which time zone? I don’t really have to accomplish everything before Friday if there’s still going to be some time during the day.

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Finish this piece of writing! Can’t you all just be downright boring for a day or two?

Take some things to the local homeless shelter. Just in case anyone survives!

Make some ice cream just in case nothing happens. I need it for Christmas if the world doesn’t end.

Oh and finish wrapping gifts.

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I feel no urgency to get anything done. The world is ending, people. No one is going to be around to know you’ve done anything. There is no point!

Why don’t you kick back, relax, and just enjoy each other’s company?

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@mazingerz88 I love putting up lights too. I have strung all the ones I can on the fence, but the roof lights require a ladder, and I can no longer climb. The ceiling Christmas lights indoors and the wall wreath also require a ladder.

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Tickle the queen’s nipples.

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I must spill my coffee all over the important papers on my desk. I must accidentally reformat my hard drive. I must send out that message that must only go out after my death (for I will surely be dead by the time it arrives).

Does everyone know who they want to be with when the world ends?

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Yes, and I asked him to stay home from work and he laughed. Laughed I tell you! What the hell. Has the man no sense of protocol. So, I hope it happens after 6pm.

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I’ll probably just sleep through it.

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